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News sources say COVID is in my County and the University has a novel way to pinpoint infected areas but will it affect me or become transmittable to my dogs?


September 21, 2020 |

Vickie Haywood, SAAB Member


Municipalities are using raw sewage as predictors of hot spots of COVID-19. I just saw on TV that Colgate University has gone to extreme measures to get students back in school and has included sewage monitors on each dorm to detect the COVID hotspots.



The 2003 SARS epidemic, after more than 4 years of research, showed there WAS a fecal component that WAS viable as a source of infection.


My fear all along as a high-risk groomer has been fecal contamination. If I or a client was pre-symptomatic and one of us did not wash very well after using the bathroom, how much would it take for an exposure? I would also have to use cleaning measures in the car if I pick up a client’s dog. How the hell do you sanitize car seats that are cloth? I would have had to cover the whole car in heavy duty plastic?


I'm not sure it is any better now that I have moved the grooming business to my home. Any virus can be picked up by handling a dog from an infected owner, even if the dog goes directly to the tub to be shampooed and my lungs are vulnerable.


If I pick up a client’s dog, I would have to use cleaning measures for the vehicle. How do you sanitize a car that has cloth seats? Would I have to cover the whole car in heavy duty plastic? How long would a UV light have to be plugged into my car to kill any lingering virus?


We have UV technology, WHY don't we see articles on its use? Why hasn't our government given incentives for businesses to install UV lights in heat and air systems? Yes, it can be expensive, but isn't it a good incentive when so many businesses are still at low capacity? Here in N.C., bars are not open unless they also serve food but what about schools? I only know of one private school in Rocky Mount that installed UV air cleaners in each classroom!


So I need to wear PPE, try to find an N95 with a port which only protects the wearer and at the cost, how do you effectively disinfect one to handle the client dogs and try to be safe. Nearly 6 months from the first confirmed COVID 19 case in Moore County NC, there is still not a lot of available PPE and how do I figure out how to dispose of those items safely?



I bought the $400 PETAIRPY 4 filtration air cleaner that cleans airborne bacteria, viruses and molds in 500 sq. ft. 10 times an hour with UV light. Using it in my grooming area might be over-kill but here’s the thing, it does not cover minute fecal particles unless it's airborne!!!! Alcohol kills the virus in 10 seconds. Has anyone found a source for large quantities of alcohol 6 months out? Each recommended disinfectant has a specific amount of time it needs to stay wet for it to kill COVID for instance, Lysol takes 2 minutes, etc...


In the beginning the testing showed COVID survived on copper for 4 hours and was still viable but NO ONE is testing fecal matter except in the context of viral loads in wastewater as a hot spot predictor. That tells me nothing!


Now there’s an article from the UK saying they have isolated more than 10 strains and Science Daily states 6 strains as of August 3rd! There is so much conflicting information!


At my age and I am at high risk, will I ever be able to live normally or will I always have to fear this virus that should not exist? When will this be over? EST 2002 © 20S09 protocol



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