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FIND: To quickly "find" a word or name within a web page or Word.doc, using Windows, depress the Ctrl key and the letter F to bring up a "find" box, then, type in the specific word, number, or date you are looking for, click "find next", i.e. Ctrl-F  (ii instant information on "find" functions in other operating systems)


Page Switch for Windows Operating Systems: To switch between open web pages, word documents, email program, etc. depress and hold the ALT key, then press the Tab Key. i.e. ALT-Tab


COMPUTOR TUTOR - SHORTCUTS AND HELPFUL TIPSNew Page: To open a new web page and also keep the current page open, depress the Ctrl key and the letter N to bring up a duplicate page.  You can then enter a new URL.  i.e. Ctrl-N


Text Size: Change the text size on a page by clicking on "View" in your browser bar, then from the drop-down menu, choose "text size" then > "larger."


Tip: Keep your User Name and Password for each website (NOT YOUR BANKING INFORMATION) in its "favorite places" listing. 



If you know a site that has credible info on your subject (not a blog, that will bring you posts from people who know less than you do about that subject), in your search engine, type the site name and one or two “keywords”. Example: Type “thedogplace DNA” or “thedogpress legal” or “AKC clubs” (you do not need a question mark) and you will be able to choose from one or more pages by the “description” line presented with the site link.


Tip: Chain e-mails or urban legends that tempt you to forward them to all of your friends are a cleverly constructed means of harvesting your email address and other private information. Beware of clicking "reply all" and adding your friend's email addresses. If you want to share something with friends, highlight, copy it, and drop it into a FRESH email screen.


For finding general information online, in your search engine, type in a general query but narrow your search by only using two or three “keywords.” For example “train my dog to heel on leash?” tells the SE you want training/dog/leash/and specifically to heel. If you ask “best dog food” you are going to get a screen full of promotions from dog food sellers. If however, you ask “best food for old dogs?” or “best food for large breed puppies?” you will have narrowed your search and get better results.


If you are not sure how to do any of these functions or have a problem, contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider)  - -

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