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Animal Seizure Scam!

How to fight back! She and her husband were attacked by a rescue group wanting publicity and donations but they took action and got legal help…


November 2016

Laura B. (HEADlines subscriber)


I read the good article on your website titled Animal Enterprise Terrorism{1}. Very informative. We run a self-funded horse hospice rescue.


My husband and I were attacked on an attempted "seizure scam/rescue raid" that was perpetrated on us by a "rescue" wanting to put their name on the map even though they were NOT even registered with the state (they were/are located 12+ hours away from us) as a "not for profit" entity until 2 months after the attack on us began.


They told people in writing on the Internet they were a "pending" 501c3" and also that they "are a 501c3 horse rescue" but the FACT was that they weren't a bon-a-fide non-profit and were committing fraud.


I actually got their extortion attempt in writing. It is also in writing at the beginning of the extortion attempt where I clearly state I would be calling animal control out first thing Monday morning to look at all our animals and discuss what was going on at our rescue/sanctuary/hospice.


It became apparent early on in that written conversation between me and the "rescue group" that they didn't want me involving animal control. They basically wanted to come in and "cherry pick" and take our beautiful horses that they could sell, leaving us with acute, chronic, and terminally ill horses that couldn't be sold.


When I wouldn't go along with that, even though I offered them several perfectly adoptable horses for free with the only condition being they couldn't kill the horses if they were unable to adopt/sell them, they ran a fundraiser to "save" our horses. The donation scam collected over $8000 in donations even though they never took any of the horses I offered them, they never seized any, and they never sent us any of the donations raised for our horses. More commission of non-profit FRAUD.


Since the attacks on us, which had us criminally investigated for over 5 months after mobs of people were ramped-up into attacking us based on lies, staged photos, photo-shopped photos, etc. we were cleared with no charges against us.


Although this experience of being attacked was the most terrorizing experience in our lives (I'm 57 and my husband is 65), we decided that we were going to fight back legally by filing a civil lawsuit against several people, including some of those that were in the mob-swarm that were defaming, threatening, and stalking us, and criminally extorting us.


In the meantime, that horse dealer for profit "rescue" continues to commit fraud. They won't answer questions regarding the whereabouts of over 300 horses that donations paid to secure for them, and they are trying to dodge going to a jury trial.


We knew that the public can be fooled by liars, so legal action was/is the most sensible and effective course of action that will force our attackers to answer questions, present facts they clearly don't have, and let a jury decide after seeing 2500 pages of documentation and evidence that we were not neglecting or treating any animals cruelly.


Legal action against animal seizure and animal rightsWe appear to be two of only a handful of people that are suing their attackers, and even though it has been a tremendous financial struggle for us, we feel we have no other recourse regarding regaining our reputation and good name in animal rescue for our primarily self-funded rescue/sanctuary/hospice, which we are still operating.


Not surprisingly, the attackers we're suing are doing everything possible trying to avoid going to court and a jury trial. They know that they will either have to perjure themselves or expose themselves as liars and con artists if they go before a judge and jury, but our goal is to keep legally pursuing them until they admit their wrongdoing.


Just thought you might be interested in our story, and if you'd like more information regarding the various ways seizure scams play out and who the attackers usually are (often not animal rights people at all), I'll be happy to speak with you about it.


The important thing is not to panic, get proof of the raid, cell photos if you can, get their names, and then get legal help! EST 2002 © 16011r



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