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NAIA has done for dog owners all year 'round for nearly 20 years. Now it is our turn so see how we can help oppose radical animal rights politics.


November 26, 2018

Patti Strand - National Animal Interest Alliance President


"NAIA Trust {Ref #1} has tracked thousands of pieces of legislation, passed scores of pet-friendly bills, and defeated hundreds of misdirected and radical animal bills. Whether facing mandatory spay/neuter legislation, breed-specific restrictions, or draconian search-and-seizure practices, NAIA Trust is here to fight for you."


We know Patti Strand and the wonderful work she's done since 2001. I have been to her seminars and she is powerful. She is/was an AKC Board Member but even the powerful American Kennel Club has been unable to slow down the growth of radical animal rights. The NetPlaces Network has exposed the overall fraud in many such groups who seek donations to further enrich their coffers. NAIA provided this chart which, even knowing how dishonest most AR groups are, we found shocking.



Please do what you can to support NAIA


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