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The URBAN majority dictate laws leading to illegal seizure of RURAL owner's animals based on trumped up abuse charges.


April 2015

B.L. Cozad Jr. US Army ret SFC, Rights Reporter


There’s a struggle in Oklahoma which, when understood, is a perfect example of what is going on all across the country. The confiscation of land under the Wildlife Act has opened the door to the illegal seizure of valuable animals, from livestock to purebred dogs.


The UN Agenda 21 advocates in the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) have a long term goal to force all rural people from the lands. That is the “wildlands project” portion of the communist UN Agenda 21 plan. (See VIDEO Theater link below to watch video.)


It is important that YOU, as a dog owner, understand the connection. Purebred dogs, cats, and fancy birds seized in illegal raids based on trumped up “animal abuse charges” are of monetary value and in some jurisdictions that is reason enough to steal them. They are then sold through private or county operated shelters, bringing a much higher “adoption fee” than the average mutt or stray cat. Valuable horses, ponies, cattle, pet goats, etc. are confiscated on abuse or neglect charges and then sold at livestock auctions. Worse, animals of no value are killed after being rescued.


Seizing private property is not only profitable but for Agenda 21 supporters it is an affirmation of power applauded by the elites. This is not about the hundreds of covert legislative issues citizens face today. It is about much more and I want to point out why narrow focused animal-legislation groups continue to lose.


They don’t have the funding and simply put, most legislative groups who fight on behalf of domestic pet owners are so under-informed and politically correct that they render themselves ineffective. The political threat is much greater than zoning or mandated spay and neuter. Here is an example I am very much involved with.


The "Right to Farm" bill pushed in Oklahoma is a Trojan horse

The current language is intentionally written to ensure that the urban majority can vote in laws dictating the policies that rural farmers and ranchers will be forced to comply with in the operating of our farms and ranches.


The Constitution is written to protect the rights of the minority from the majority. Think about that. If the majority can (unknowingly) vote in a law that deprives the minority of their rights then there is no need for a Constitution because America has been converted into a socialist democracy where the majority rules, in effect, a communist country. The Constitution is written to protect the God given rights of every individual and according to Article VI section 2 of the US Constitution; the Constitution is the Supreme law of the land.


Animal Owners Ruled By Urban Animal Rights Advocates

Non-Government Organizations connected to the UN Agenda 21 plan, like the HSUS, PETA and the ASPCA, attempt to use the urban majority to institute laws dictating the farming and ranching practices of rural Oklahomans (minority).


American farmers, ranchers, and dog breeders must start recognizing the hidden language meant to create a loop hole for HSUS and their minions to continue attacking animal related industries. In a legislative petition state such as OK, the HSUS uses propaganda and legislative petitions combined with the misguided urban "majority" of voters to destroy rural farmers and ranchers. Look at what HSUS has done with the egg cages law in California that has forced the cost of eggs up over 300 percent and destroyed the small poultry farms in CA.


How is it that all across America the urban majority (most don’t even own a dog) are establishing farming and ranching guidelines and legislation dictating how farmers and ranchers will manage their farms? That is the most powerful political weapon the “animal rights” wield against animal owners!


By using the language I suggested to the Oklahoma lawmakers, “The State shall pass no law abridging our right to employ farming and ranching practices and all proposed legislation must meet the same criteria as a judiciary review under 'strict scrutiny standards' proving a significant and compelling governmental interest”, they would recognize farmers and ranchers as a minority in Oklahoma and give us "protected class" status like the Native Americans and all other minority groups have.


Even Agriculture Committee Chairman Senator Eddie Fields stated in his office after I explained this language to him that it is a "smart,,,, very smart" idea.


Dog breeders should qualify under the same minority “protected class” in any state. Your dog legislation groups might want to look into that.


Enacting and adopting this language as a state level constitutional amendment and protection would stop the emotionally based attacks on the rights of farmers, ranchers, and breeders of domestic pets. It would put a big stumbling block in the path of the animal rights agenda which is just one small part of the UN Agenda 21 plan.


Click the link or image to visit Understanding the “Wildland’s Project” - The 6 min. VIDEO in Video Theater explains the United Nation’s basic plan created in the 80s which mandates biological diversity and morphs into a whole lot more...

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