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Los Angeles passed the controversial law requiring every dog within the city limits to be sterilized, micro chipped, and registered with city authorities.


2020 UPDATE! May 21, 2014 |

Barbara "BJ" Andrews, Editor-In-Chief


One of our staff mentioned this article when talking about measures to stop the spread of COVID 19. The conversation moved to home quarantine and the need because of people who just "don't listen to common sense."


Can they pass laws restricting your personal freedom? (Yes) What about freedom of choice about your car, where you can live or the kind of pet you would choose?


Yes to all of those and more. Special permits are already required in order to own “potentially dangerous dogs” such as Rottweilers, Mastiffs, and Pit Bulls in some municipalities.  Remember Denver confiscated and killed anything that looked like a "pit bull".


LA City Council issued a public statement warning owners of dogs deemed by appearance to be pit bulls or “pit bull mix” would be confiscated by Animal Control and "disposed of", citing Denver’s 2005 success. LA also passed an ordinance that "requires all pet owners in Los Angeles to have their cats and dogs that are four months of age and older spayed or neutered unless otherwise exempted."


Known as the People Protection Law  New York City, Detroit, Chicago, and other cash-strapped cities are watching this law closely, anticipating $millions in extra revenue generated by permit fees and fines ranging from $100 to $5,000.  Dog clubs say the law violates citizen rights guaranteed under the Constitution and are organizing protest marches.


Veterinary groups released a statement stipulating they will not be able to perform millions of surgical sterilizations no matter how much they charge. They asked the city to grant them authority to offer special permit waiting list forms (price to be determined) to pet owner clients.


Los Angeles City Council has agreed, with the stipulation only licensed veterinarians will be authorized to issue the Waiting List Temporary Exemption (WLTE) and under no circumstances will any Rottweiler, Mastiff, German Shepherd, or Pit Bull dog breeder be given a WLTE.


Those breeds must be immediately taken to local veterinarians for priority sterilization


Okay, now Imagine Premises Inspection To Insure Compliance.


Anyone suspected of operating a Kennel, now or in the past, will be compelled to comply. The People Protection Act would insure continued participation of such persons or business entities within the City and all surrounding boroughs.


Animal Rights organizations such as HSUS and PETA may offer experienced inspection personnel to assist “the city” in enforcing the new public safety law, cost to be determined.


Los Angeles is expected to explore this expedient enforcement.  Other major cities including Atlanta, Kansas City, and Albuquerque, all of which have cited dangerous dog breed issues are expected to follow suit.


These metropolitan areas would include Louisville which passed landmark breed discrimination/animal control legislation in 2006. (that is true!)


You might sigh with relief to know most of this hasn't happened yet. This news story was generated by a 2015 Fox News report that Mexico City passed a law requiring "sterilization, chip implants and registration of all cats and dogs." Right, can you imagine trying to round up and catch a million feral cats?


The point is the Mexico City law passed as impossible as it was.  As American citizens we must be vigilant and beware any crisis that could precipitate loss of personal freedom, property, or our beloved pets.  Coronavirus vaccine has made the disease unheard of in dogs today. Is there a coronavirus (COVID 19) vaccine in our future?  When and why was it formulated? Will it be properly tested? If so, where?


People protection is paramount for most governments.  So is population control... we accept it in animals (spay and neuter everything!) but who will protect the people? EST 2002 © ref-s1802



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