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You love Chinese dog breeds but do you know there are over 700 Confucius Institutes indoctrinating young people in college classrooms?


Col. Sam Harper, Dogsport Reconnaissance

March 6, 2024


More than 100 American universities offered Confucius Institutes in partnership with the Chinese government from 2019 through 2023 and I’m sure it is still taught in 2024.


I know Americans love Chinese dog breeds but AKC was slow to recognize (register) Chinese dogs. China was geographically and politically remote, so it was 1903 before the American Kennel Club registered that breed.



Comparatively, the Japanese Chin had been AKC registered in 1888, only 4 years after the AKC was founded. For the historically challenged, we were not at war with Japan until late 1941 when they bombed Pearl Harbor. Today we are comfortable with Japan and the Japanese Chin became AKC “recognized” in 1993, meaning they could be exhibited in AKC shows and their purebred puppies could be AKC registered.


So look, I know more about war than about dogs. Today I can spot that Americans are at high risk of losing our genetic identity. Several of my younger buddies say education/indoctrination our college kids are getting today is going to “change the beliefs of Americans”.


One irate General said “…there are more than 500 colleges teaching Chinese language and culture…” and he went on to say it isn’t just here. His profession requires frequent international travel so he has first-hand information. That conversation caused me to do some research. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) states “… the number of operational Confucius Institutes declined from over 100 to less than 3 by October of 2023.


But here’s what jumped out at me and my “spotter” training went in overdrive. In October of 2023 “… the GAO (Government Accountability Office) reported 80 schools that feature Confucius Institutes and that there are more than 498 such courses being taught.



We Americans love purebred dogs and that includes Chinese pugs and Chinese Cresteds. One of my service buddies assures me that does not mean we love China. Okay, I hope that is true but when I go to “the big stores” everything, from shirts to shoes comes from China. is about dogs, not politics. I know that but this is heavy on my mind and when me and my buds looked around, from clothes to cars, we don’t have much choice today.


I miss my old hound and it reminds me that DOGS don’t know how to lie. There was a time when our leaders didn’t lie either.


Photos Courtesy: The American Kennel Club EST 2002 © Mar 2024



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