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Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show 2009

Where were the crowds, the top dogs and all the great judges?


February 11, 2009 | TheDogPress Staff


Was it just "nice" dogs at the breed level or did many of the top dogs stay at home?  Even watching on TV, it was obvious the crowds stayed home.  That was later confirmed by those in attendance and by hotel bookings.


The "Penta" (New York's Hotel Pennsylvania ) is one of the favorite places to be and to find friends.  Right across from the Garden, Jerry Grymek, Doggie Concierge lays out the red carpet but even that famous lobby reflected the low entry.  You could actually get on a elevator or into the green room.


Our native New Yorker contacts said it isn't the economy because local people just grab a cab or the subway.  Valentine's Day came later this year but that would have had little effect since the $75 per dog entry wasn't reached whereas entries are sent back every year. How well I remember the year Westminster officials shut down ticket sales along with the benching section.  It was so bad, I missed several breeds, preferring to stay in my room.


The Garden could be a death trap due to overcrowding and very difficult exits.  Everyone knows that but the excitement blocks out worries.  We're told however, that more people are becoming concerned about the welfare of their dogs than about that elusive Westminster rosette so it's possible that fear impacted entries and spectator attendance.  Or it could have been the economy, general disinterest, or splitting hairs between Westminster and the AKC Eukanuba National show.  One reporter suggested a less than stellar judging panel which seems a bit unlikely but we'll have more feedback to share with you later.


If you were there and have observations or comments to share email the media dept.


WESTMINSTER KENNEL CLUB DOG SHOW 2002We didn't send staff this year but it appears to have been a wise decision because the on-site feedback from other reporters would have confirmed what they said.


The Group judges did a commendable job and thankfully, each group had at least one well respected dog in the final placings.  Some of the ribbon colors were a little puzzling but ringside judging is fraught with peril and TV judging is even worse!


I will say that I would have covered my bets between Tim's black Standard Poodle and Taffe's Schnauzer.  "Spirit" is classic in outline, free-poses like a painting, but "Yes" on the move was as poodlely as one can ever be.  Her sire, the incredible Ch. Eaton Affirmed was breathtaking on the move as well.  A win for "Yes" would have been an upset to write about but then we already did...


Mamie Gregory's Brussels could easily have won for Lincoln's Birthday which was on Thursday.  That would have given quick-witted David Frei something to quip about.  The crowd loved it when the camera zoomed in so they could see the Brussels oh-so-correct head and expression.  They could have gotten behind him, not that it would have mattered to to the esteemed, second-generation dog lady.  Sari Tietjen does her own thing which is why she always draws a good entry.  Everyone has a fair and equal chance.


The Sussex Spaniel was a bit of a surprise, even to those in the Sporting Group.  He was more game than grand, the breed's trademark tail not very busy but he was indeed "purposeful" and well presented, never missed a step.


We trust Sari's judgment because who, other than a breeder or a judge who sees low-entry dogs from coast to coast would know?  For a breed averaging only 50 to 100 registrations a year, his Best In Show win gives hope to all "low entry" breeds.


Congratulations to all who competed and won.  And to those who came home without a ribbon, we hope to see you next year.


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