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Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show 2011 began a year ago for most dogs, owners, handlers and judges! If you are staying home, see TV schedules below.


February 7, 2011 | TheDogPress


Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show 2011, famous dogs, judges, handlers, and green carpet!Dogs are taught to stand on tippy-toe while strangers examine them from teeth to tail and all parts in between. Coats, especially the terrier’s, are groomed and prepared for months in order to be at peak condition. Now, this Valentine’s Day, the top AKC champions and young hopefuls are coming together, primed, primped and polished for the big event in Madison Square Garden.

Westminster judges have their week-long wardrobe packed and so do the exhibitors. And a long week it will be, packed with parties, dining and dancing, and scoping out the competition. Dog people come to see and be seen, to hug people they may only see once a year, to gossip, to share hopes and dreams, and to become totally immersed in what was once the most famous show in America. Now there are other shows, many of them televised, but the magic and tradition that is found at Grand Central Station and “The Garden” is very special indeed.

TOM BRADLEY, one of the powers behind the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (WKC) that made it the oldest dog show in New York - AmericaThe food is outrageous but New York cuisine is some of the best in the world. Lodging is equally outrageous but hotels such as the landmark New York Hotel Pennsylvania, offers special rates and custom conveniences that insure dog people return year after year. The hotel’s 7th avenue and 33rd street location is right across from the Garden’s main entrance.

The SCJA Dinner Dance benefits the Judges Educational Foundation. Make your way to the top floor ballroom for drinks (cash bar) dining (fabulous buffet) and dancing! You might even see the Colonel do his famous tango. If you haven’t reserved, you’ll have to get a ticket at the door but they will fit you in.

Shopping at “The Garden” is exciting if you don’t mind being jostled out of line just as you reach for that bejeweled collar. New Yorkers are impatient and often impolite but visitors soon learn to compete for great buys and standing room. After all, the dog show fancy is all about competition. The Westminster Dog Show lures shoppers from New Jersey to New Zealand so allow time to browse the booths! The American Kennel Club has several booths, selling dog jewelry and giving away free information.

The WKC Benching Area Is Bedlam! From hours before the first ring call until the last tack box has been safely loaded, the aisles are a beehive of activity. If you are visiting, remember it is the dogs WESTMINSTER KENNEL CLUB DOG SHOW BENCHING, it's crowded, congested, full of dogs & people there for the big New York City Valentines Day dog showand the people who bring them that make your trip so exciting so make way for them! Don’t touch the white poodle or the Neo unless you ask. Most handlers will say “not now” and continue to wriggle through to the ring, the exercise pens, or the grooming table. Owners will be either dozing or reading (a sure sign they don’t want to talk) or they will be only too happy to tell you how wonderful their breed is and show you puppy pictures. Take your business cards and be prepared to save at least a hundred from old friends, strangers, dog handlers, and if you’re with a big club, judges.

If you spot empty seats in the stands right above the breed you want to watch, okay, you can probably get away with sitting there for a few minutes. You are unlikely to get a seat on the main floor and unless you have a dog in 2011 WESTMINSTER KENNEL CLUB DOG SHOW will be telecast on USA & CNBC Feb. 11th & 12, live from NYC Madison Square Gardenthat ring, please DO NOT try to save the seat an hour ahead of time. Courtesy and consideration are not lost arts, even in the hustle and bustle of Westminster.

TV Broadcast Schedule: USA network: Monday 8:00 P.M. EST (7 Central) and then at 9:00 you will have to switch to CNBC. Yes, that will make it harder to set up your DVR and it gets more difficult each year. On Tuesday, USA cover the closing night beginning at 8:00 EST and thankfully, WKC stays on USA network. So grab your favorite bottle of wine or put the coffee pot on. Assemble your snacks and the phone and we’ll meet you back here later.


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