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The Side Effect Of A Funny Thing Is Laughter

Sent in by Hank Dowling, subscriber


A Poodle, Schnauzer and Great Dane are sitting in the waiting room of a vet's office when...


The Poodle turns to the Schnauzer and asks, "Why are you here?"


The Schnauzer responds, "I'm 17 years old. I don't see or hear very well. I've been having accidents in the house. My owner says I'm too old and sick so he brought me here to be put to sleep."


The Schnauzer asks the poodle "Why are you here?" The Poodle responds, "I've not been myself lately. I've been especially high strung. I've been barking all the time, I've been snapping at people and I even bit one of the neighbor's kids. Nobody knows why this has been happening. My owner says he can't risk me biting somebody else so he brought me here to be put to sleep."


The Poodle and Schnauzer ask the Great Dane why he is here. The Great Dane responds, "My owner is this beautiful runway model. Yesterday she was walking around the house naked when she suddenly bent down to pick up something she dropped. She was bent over and naked when nature took over and the next thing I know I'm on top of her doing the doggie thing I couldn't help myself."


The Poodle asks, "So your owner brought you here to be put to sleep?"


The Great Dane says "No, I'm just here to get my nails trimmed."


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