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Funny Classified Ads & Notices

Actual newspaper ads; free puppies, a special guard dog, dangers of dog hair and more...



Pictures With Meaning

From our subscribers, the NetPlaces Network Staff wanted to share some of them with you.



The Waiting Room

A Poodle, Schnauzer and Great Dane are sitting in the waiting room of a vet's office when...


Redneck Medical Terminology

Studies have demonstrated that some people have a lower stress rate because they don’t understand the seriousness of medical terminology.



Funny 2020 Notices

AKC multi-group judge Katie Gammill shared these clippings to keep in mind for 2021...


Funny Dogs, Old Birds

Serious looks of dogs, a mischievous boy, 2 new Dogbird Breeds and what happens to us when we become old birds...



Dam(n) Letter!

If you've ever dealt with government .. you need to read this response on official letterhead.


Lap Dog

This is what happens when you save every last dime for a lap dog! Don't laugh now, well go ahead, the dog did...


Dog Show Definitions

Top 25 words and meanings for the dog show fancy- be in the know!


Ladies' Choice

Short and to the point, a ladies choice isn't a dog, maybe not a husband, but for sure (!) this furry friend!


Animals Say...

Funniest photos of dogs, cats, deer, bear, horse, elephant, tiger, buffalo, even a kangaroo! Guaranteed to make your day brighter!


Cowboy Goes To Heaven

The bikers are out in full force this summer. Wave 'em on with a smile because this cowboy didn't and you here's what happened...


Snake Hysteria!

DANGEROUS GARDEN SNAKES!She finds a snake under the sofa, the husband gets down to look for it, the dog gets involved, police and ambulance arrive and well...


Obituary of Common Sense

We are not sure who presided over the funeral but it was a very sad day for Dog Sense family members.


Southern Alarm System

Step by Step Installation Instructions included...


Hunt & Harvest Attorneys

78th Texas Legislature passes regulations



All Dogs Go To Heaven

This church sign debate gets funnier by the sign...


Newly Approved Cross-Breeds

From Pointsetta to Collapso with a dash of Blabador, they are the latest in Designer Dogs!


Carolina Biker Dog

TRUE STORY! Video of one cool dude who traded a beer for a dog and … show this to Animal Rights whackos and watch ‘em go nuts in 30 seconds flat!!


Classified Ads

DOG FOR SALE!a special Dog For Sale that wasn't at Westminster because he was busy in the Bronx...  This is the actual photo in the ad.


Happy Halloweenie!

Lots'a photos (yeah, why some dogs HATE Halloween!) but earn $$$ for their owners...

How Do You Know???

Share your funny (or not) tip-offs because our writer thinks she might have missed a few clues multiple dog owners know about...


Our Future Pizza Order

We watched a movie "The Circle" with Tom Hanks and it was very much like this scenario, but even more frightening, much more so!



You Know You Are In Texas In July when the trees are whistling for dogs! Anything for a sprinkle when you're roasting this month.


Roping A Deer

Laugh a minute on how NOT to go deer hunting.



Gun Statistics

Which is more dangerous, doctors or guns?  These numbers might just make your hair stand on end!


Funny Math

A whole page lesson on what's really not so funny...



After Animal Rights Activists take "War on Leather" to Motorcycle Rally.  Bikers invite PETA to the party, police searching, see what happened...


BIS "Uno" the WKC Beagle

He was searched at the Airport; no kidding, he got the pat down!  This really happened!!


Honesty & Fried Chicken

This poor kid can't win.  Here's a mind-bending effect that the animal rights agenda is placing on our next generation, and it's NOT funny!


Airplane Maintenance

What it takes to fly or repair a plane is absolutely astounding! "Have a good Flight!"


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