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Animal Testing Torture


Should we support this bipartisan bill to end human drug testing on animals due to “highly imprecise results” and the unspeakable torture laboratory animals endure?


May 4, 2021 -

TheDogPress Staff


Your dog would give his life for you but is it okay to torture him or a monkey as an expedient means of drug testing? If the answer is yes, click out now. If you are unsure about current animal testing, read this concise information and then decide.


ANIMAL TESTING TORTURE: Your dog would give his life for you but is it okay to torture him or a monkey as an expedient means of drug testing?


April 22, 2021 The Buchanan bill was introduced to “end a government requirement that animal testing be used to determine a drug's effectiveness on humans.” The bill is based on the premise that such testing may yield results “that actually can impede progress in the development of new medicines.” See direct link to the bill below.


Animal testing began in 1938 but we have always learned from animals and experimentation. The key here is that it was done humanely in the process of rearing, feeding, and the useful using of animals for food or work. As the human population exploded, the demand for ever more food, clothing, and manufactured medicine also exploded.


Where we used to learn from the animals, watching what herbs and grasses they instinctively sought out when injured or ill, today we turn to a test tube or manmade chemicals.


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Congressman Vern Buchanan stated “I would like to see research move away from the animal model, not only for the animals but to promote faster delivery of cures for devastating diseases.” He also said “That means research should focus on human biology, not animal biology. Our bill does just that.


The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Modernization Act {Ref #1} aims to “streamline drug development and spur innovation without resorting to inhumane and counterproductive experiments on dogs, primates and other animals.


Marty Irby, whom you know as the Executive Director of the Animal Wellness Foundation {Ref #2} said, "Representative Buchanan is again showing remarkable leadership on animal welfare issues, in this case taking aim at regulations that delay and deny patients life-saving drugs, driving up the prices for those drugs when they finally do come to market, and tormenting animals in needless tests in the process. This is a common-sense bill good for the people and animals of our nation."


Driving up pricing is bad but the torture the lab animals will endure must be weighed against reality. That is the quandary. If you agree, contact your congressional representatives and tell them to support the FDA Modernization Act.


Reference Information: {1} FDA Modernization Act  ~ {2} Animal Wellness Foundation EST 2002 © May 2021



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