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How can Covid-19 be new news when we broke the story March 2020, did a 60 Minutes update April 21 and now in 2023 the announcement that the virus could have been released from Wuhan lab?


March 6, 2023 Staff


Now is the "cat" out of the bag, are we still questioning the origins of the virus? Certainly our politicians are not so stupid and so uninformed that they don't know where the COVID virus came from...



National news stations stated a couple of weeks ago that COVID-19 was a naturally occurring outbreak (from China). Then last week the Energy Department confirmed that a classified report determined, with low confidence, that the virus escaped from a lab.


February 28, 2023, FBI Director Christopher Wray told Fox News that the we have known “for quite some time now” that the pandemic’s origins are “most likely a potential lab incident in Wuhan.


The Energy Department’s report is the latest attempt to come to some sort of consensus as to the origin of the virus which has now killed nearly 7 million people first detected in the central Chinese city of Wuhan in 2019. The people of The United States didn't know about it until Feb-March 2020.


Virologist Angela Rasmussen said “That without evaluating the evidence contained in the classified report, there's no reason to challenge the conclusion that the virus spread naturally and available evidence still shows zoonotic emergence at Huanan market.



However, Senator Tom Cotton Republican from Arkansas, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee said, “Covid-19 didn't originate from the wet market. And to this day, the Biden administration and liberals in the media defend China and accept their lies, from the origins of the coronavirus to the spy balloon. This isn’t just embarrassing for America, it’s dangerous.


This is a major problem when none of our U.S. Intelligence communities can agree on anything and the scientists still believe coronavirus jumped from animals to humans.


So what is this all about? What are they trying to convince us of? That we have forgotten the truth released in March 2020 when President Trump called it the "China Virus"?


Now, 3 years later, the American people are wondering if COVID virus was deliberate??? And if President Biden is somehow indebted to China? EST 2002 © Mar 2023



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