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Fentanyl and other deadly drugs are smuggled across the border in the belly of stolen family pets or livestock which are then killed to retrieve the contraband.


TheDogPress Staff

March 18, 2024


The illegal substances can be contained in plastic pellets, ziplock bags or condoms which are shoved down the animal’s throat and then retrieved a few hours later.



Dogs are used by drug cartels because unlike most other animals, they can easily be forced to vomit up the contraband. The horror is that unlike livestock, dogs are not automatically killed, they are used over and over again!


Think what that means... Those dogs are condemned to a “lifetime” of risk and torture. A human could commit suicide to escape the mental anguish and physical risks. A dog has no way out. Drug-dogs are just “objects” to the smugglers.


Livestock already scheduled for slaughter are also used to smuggle drugs past the border patrol. Their death is inevitable but cattle, sheep, goats and “aged” or lame horses are usually humanely killed. Used as drug carriers, they risk being painfully poisoned if not quickly and professionally slaughtered.



We hear you thinking… what if the bag was damaged and the drugs leaked out? Pet dogs or livestock, that is hard to think about. TheDogPress staff debated on running this news story. It was decided that you love animals so you need to know AND you need to contact your congressional representative demanding answers and action.


If you think any of this is far-fetched (southern saying, i.e. unlikely) read this from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. {Ref #1} Human “drug mules” often use balloons “made with multilayered condoms” which are “force fed to the victim.” What????


Yeah, they use a special machine to open the condom and insert the drugs. Then, when ready to go, the smugglers sip a liquid containing a quick-acting substance that numbs the throat enough to make swallowing the drug packet easier.


The drawback to using humans is that they can talk. And they can be persuaded to testify against other drug traffickers. Animals are silent and whether stolen or purchased, to drug dealers, they are expendable.


Reference Information {1} Drug Mules, swallowed by the drug trade EST 2002 © March 2024



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