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Imported Dog Danger


National Pork Producers Council wants stronger dog rescue import regulations enforced by the USDA.


Received from NAIA 4/8/21


Patti Strand sent this notice and staff feels it important enough to share with subscribers. This editor has known and worked with Pattie for over 20 years and her National Animal Interest Alliance {Ref #1} has ACCOMPLISHED many of the most important legislative changes that affect animal owners.


It's a story that is growing more and more common: foreign rescue dogs enter the United States, receiving a heartwarming welcome from their new owners and glowing media coverage. For most people, interest in the story ends here. But lost in the warm feelings of this transport and adoption is a lack of pertinent information shared at the port of entry, little to no enforcement of adequate health and quarantine protocols and no real central oversight by the USDA. It is rare that serious concerns are raised over the parasites and disease - some zoonotic - that can be introduced by dogs brought in from foreign countries, especially ones that are still hotbeds of canine rabies or other transmissible illnesses.


Foreign Animal Disease (FAD) can sicken or kill countless hogs and cause billions of dollars of economic and ecological damage.


The National Pork Producers Council is aware that this story doesn't end at a dog's adoption and is joining in raising the alarm on the issue of dog trafficking. Their focus is less with the dogs themselves, but illnesses that the dogs could carry in via bedding, crates, food, or on their coats. The potential for a Foreign Animal Disease (FAD) to sicken or kill countless hogs and cause billions of dollars of economic and ecological damage is not lost on them, and they are making this a top issue at their upcoming spring Legislative Action Conference.


Reference & Resource Information: {1} NAIA ~ Rescued dogs pose African Swine Fever danger


Cattlemen Should Care About Dog Import ~ Dogs from Egypt have rabies ~ Global Stray Dog Crisis EST 2002 © 2104





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ZOONOTIC DISEASE: Kissing a bunny or puppy does not transmit zoonotic disease.  Bacteria are everywhere but are more likely to cause pneumonia than zoonotic disease.

SWINE FEVER, E. COLI WARNING: Before giving raw meat to your dog, learn about this food adulteration and continued risk of e-coli.


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