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Do today’s laws seem more about controlling you than protecting you? The proliferation of new regulations and the drastic drop in police protection is unprecedented.


November 1, 2023

TheDogPress Staff


Back in March 2023 it leaked out that Visa and MasterCard were instituting a new category code which would require store owners to report to whom they sold guns.


Gun owners formed a coalition and blocked denial of our Constitutional right to privacy and to keep and bear arms unless convicted of a felony offense.


Tracking firearms sales, an obvious route to gun control, went quiet but it didn’t die.


Protecting our privacy will only temporarily protect our inherent Right to protect ourselves. One effective alternative to owning firearms is to arm ourselves with a capable guard dog.


Since the beginning of recorded history, sheep and goats were protected by domestic dogs. Today canines alert and protect humans but in most jurisdictions, you have to buy a license to own a dog and police protection can be too late. For example…



Two more cops were recently killed but one was an on-duty police dog named Sir. He was a Belgian Malinois with the San Diego Police Department. The gunman, driving a white Tesla, was reported for shooting at another driver. Police officers pursued him to the community college campus at 1:30 a.m.


When police ordered him to put his gun down and surrender, he shot at them, killing one officer. The police then released a trained police dog to subdue the shooter but the 4˝-year-old Belgian Malinois dog was also fatally shot by the perpetrator. When backup arrived, the shooter was successfully arrested but the San Diego police department is devastated over the loss of their fellow officers.


There was a widely attended burial ceremony for the police officer. A private service was held for the dog and it drew dozens of officers from adjoining areas.



The next time you pass a police officer, thank him or her for their service. Looting is rampant in 2023 and the police are increasingly handcuffed. Support your local officers who put their lives on the line to protect you and your property.


If you live in Memphis, Detroit or Little Rock, you are in the top 3 cities listed as the most dangerous in 2023. Get a dog! Big or small, a dog is your best “burglar alarm.”


Best of all, get two dogs; a big “outside” guard-breed as a deterrent and a little “barker” that misses nothing. EST 2002 © Aug 2023



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WHY CARRY A GUN? America has changed from the 1800s when men wore big 6 shooters to today when we need a permit to own a little Kolibri pistol we keep hidden.

RIDICULOUS OUTRAGEOUS ANIMAL LAWS! Ridiculous but true Animal Laws enacted in your state or city even before "animal rights" infiltrated our legislature to further restrict YOUR rights.


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