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In Memory of Susan Ann Wolf

the effect is that the dog world will never be the same...


March 2016 |


Susan Ann Wolf passed from this life on Tuesday, March 14, 2016. She was only 68 years old. She was my friend and confidant but she was much more to thousands of dog people. She was inspiration and information. Susan was the founding member of the Greater Charlotte Shetland Sheepdog Club, the NC Responsible Animal Owners Alliance, and the national Sportsmen's & Animal Owners Voting Alliance. SAOVA was the concept of Bob Kane, a retired registered D.C. Lobbyist but it could not have been so successful were it not for the hard work and "dog sense" of Susan Wolf.


Susan Wolf's work shall remain as a testament to her and to Bob Kane, especially on PAWS, the Pet Animal Welfare Statute that tarnished the AKC forever. If you don't remember PAWS, read AKC's $$$ support for Rick Santorum who introduced the bill and stay alert.


Here is just some of the information Bob and Susan made available to the dog fancy. EST 2002 © 1001


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