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Explosive examples of failure to protect our pets as in the melamine debacle, jerky treats and these super-secret government research labs.


October 29, 2019

Nel Liquorman, Health & Nutrition Investigative Reporter


I contacted Senator Sherrod Brown in 2013 regarding Chinese chicken jerky treats that had been killing dogs for six years. Together we were successful in taking them off the market. Right on the heels of that, our chicken and meat supplies were contaminated by Rosemary Extract and Green Tea Extract because the Nutraceutical Industry had pitched those toxins to the processers as a natural way to kill microbes.


Stopping that practice resulted in the toxic chicken and meat products getting dumped into the pet food chain. Not bad enough?? Then the pet food industry started using these extracts (Nutraceuticals) in all dry pet food for the purpose of killing microbes, and as preservatives to stretch out the ‘best by’ date.


I contacted several pet food makers and that went nowhere, so again I contacted Senator Brown and it appeared that he went to work on the issues that I had raised in my sixteen-page FAX. Nutraceuticals sickened pets but veterinarians did not recognize those pet food ingredients as toxins, so I included this warning in my FAX:


Nutraceuticals May Equal The 2007 Melamine Disaster

Loss of the lucrative business from chicken and meat processors has not phased the Nutraceutical Industry - they quickly pounced on opportunities to sell as many “natural” drugs as possible to pet food makers. Drugs, even when from natural sources, are not food ingredients. Natural or synthetic, remedies are medicine and they should not be in any food supply!


When in 2017 more toxins appeared in the food chain, I started contacting President Trump via the ‘Contact the White House’. Herbal extracts soon made their way into kitty litter as a microbe killer. This made my cats vomit, so I sent him my personal complaint. And, the signs of change are significant.


That said, here is a current example of ingredients in one random dry dog food selection. Note the first ingredient, as it goes downhill from there and has a slew of Nutraceuticals.


Instant Information on potentially TOXIC pet food ingredients:  Actual ingredients list from a common brand of dog food, potential and known toxins.  (I’ve added bold italics)

Grain Sorghum, Beef Meal, Chicken Fat (preserved with mixed Tocopherols), Chicken Meal, Pork Meal, Dehydrated Alfalfa Meal, Yeast Culture, Natural Flavor, Potassium Chloride, Carrot Powder, Tomato Pomace (source of Lycopene), Taurine, Salt, Choline Chloride, Dried Seaweed Meal, Zinc Methionine Complex, Vitamin E Supplement, Hydrolyzed Yeast, Iron Amino Acid Complex, Calcium Carbonate, Manganese Amino Acid Complex, Ferrous Sulfate, L-Carnitine, Selenium Yeast, Copper Sulfate, Niacin Supplement, Vitamin B12 Supplement, D-Calcium Pantothenate, Vitamin A Supplement, Thiamine Mononitrate, Biotin, Riboflavin Supplement, Calcium Iodate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Powdered Cellulose, Brewers Dried Yeast, Dried Enterococcus Faecium Fermentation Product, Dried Aspergillus Oryzae Fermentation Extract, Dried Trichoderma Longibrachiatum Fermentation Extract, Dried Bacillus Subtilis Fermentation Extract, Silicon Dioxide, Tetra Sodium Pyrophosphate, Vegetable Oil, Rosemary Extract, Green Tea Extract, Spearmint Extract, Lecithin, Fructooligosaccharide, Folic Acid, and Yucca Schidigera Extract.

Alternative drug medication does not belong in your pet’s food - or in the human food chain. So, why is it happening?


The Nutraceutical Industry has become a Behemoth of greed, fraud, and toxic substances!


Manufacturers make outrageous claims but experts are saying “supplements may do more harm than good”. Is it time to tell the FDA to man-up and stop the madness? For two decades our food chain has been increasingly toxic from farm to fork. Do the powerful Pharmaceutical, Chemical, and Nutraceutical Industries control the USDA, EPA, and FDA? One might think so as the federal agencies did not stop them.


The ownership of Plum Island Animal Disease Center, located at Plum Island, NY was transferred to DHS (Department of Homeland Security) in 2002 when it was created to protect against and respond to terrorist attacks in the USA.


The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and DHS were masterminds for planning the facility in Manhattan Kansas. It will be home to UDSA Headquarters, Agricultural Research Services (ARS), Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), and the Plum Island Animal Disease Center. USDA will own the facility and be in charge of management and operations.


The name, NATIONAL BIO AND AGRO-DEFENSE FACILITY (NBAF) sounds impressive, as does the USDA’s choice for Director, Dr. Alfonso Clavijo. With a DVM from National University in Bogota, Columbia, a doctorate from the University of Guelph College of Veterinary Medicine in Ontario, Canada, and a long list of jobs/achievements, it is apparent that he has climbed the ladder to success!


The Plum Island Facility {Ref #1} was seen as a “setting duck” and is old and outdated. Maybe it will become a preserve, or be sold to a developer but the tale of the Montauk Monster {Ref #2} will likely live on.


Make no mistake, any employees, making the move from Plum Island, along with those from the USDA in DC, will be in for some culture shock when they get to the Midwest. However, the move seems to be a brilliant one. There is a wealth of veterinary, agricultural and biosecurity research and expertise nearby.


No doubt, some of us see all of this as helpful for draining the swamp. And it you doubt that needs to happen, see the information below to protect and provide for our pets. Pet foods are convenient but they must be safe and safely researched.


Disasters affecting our animals have occurred. Read pet food labels and broaden your knowledge by perusing these resources which open in a window.


{Ref #1} Department of Homeland Security & Biological Warfare

To develop vaccines, continue research on Lyme Disease (which may have “escaped” from the previous facility in Lyme, CT), train veterinarians, and defend against bio-weapons.


{Ref #2} Montauk Monster (actual photo)

Fox News and CNN quoted eye witnesses but the Montauk story was soon drowned in Long Island Sound... close to Plum Island which does secret research said to include species-specific genetic manipulation as covered by Dr. Jordan in Animals As Biological Weapons


Related Article Information by Nel Liquorman: Drug Side Effects: Pet Prescriptions EST 2002 © 1910





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