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Collusion? FDA should have done a mass media warning on pentobarbital contamination in this canned brand; symptoms to watch for in your dog.


February 17, 2018

NetPlaces Network Staff


Jean Townsend, Pharmaceutical Watchdog for, sent this dog food warning. FDA called it an “alert” but if you have fed any of the canned dog foods listed below and your dog becomes lethargic, sleepy, experiences loss of balance or coordination, or shows unusual excitement, irritability, or aggression, take him to your veterinarian.


Feb. 15th TV networks broke the news, CNN doing a video, ABC reporting (online) “The deadly toxin is never permitted to kill animals that are part of the food supply…” and Fox affiliates referring to it as a “minor ingredient” and “used at one manufacturing facility” which intentionally or not, downplays the risk! Also online… FDA reported a “potential pentobarbital contamination in these canned dog foods: Gravy Train, Kibbles ‘N Bits, Ol’ Roy, and Skippy Products manufactured by The J.M. Smucker Company.”




See links at end of page.  This is not a fluke!!! Is that why it appears that FDA downplayed something so deadly instead of stressing the repeated risk of death to dogs? Why was this “potential” poisoning more serious than the “alert” indicates? From the FDA website: “pentobarbital is routinely used to euthanize animals, the most likely way it could get into dog food would be in rendered animal products. ... If animals are euthanized with pentobarbital and subsequently rendered, pentobarbital could be present in the rendered feed ingredients..


If your vet is closed and it is an emergency call the

National Poison Control Center 1-800-222-1222

to be automatically connected to their free service 24-7

If your veterinarian or the poison control center says it is okay to induce vomiting

"...give your dog 3% hydrogen peroxide … one teaspoon per 10 pounds (4.5 kg) of body weight." ~ ref


Nel Liquorman, TheDogPress Investigative Reporter, provided this DOG FOOD WARNING: Pentobarbital in J.M. Smuckers dog food brands was discovered during an investigation by ABC7, along with Ellipse Analytics lab (specialist in food testing). They were reported to have tested 62 samples of wet dog food from more than 24 brands over several months. So this discovery had nothing to do with the FDA investigation of Evanger's problems a year ago (see display at end of article). You would hope that the FDA or USDA got to the root of the problem and stopped it. Was Evanger's agreement to a voluntary recall sufficient enough for the Government agencies to consider the case closed?


The adulteration of the food supply, including pet food supply is a serious matter and the FDA should have gotten to the root of the problem! If the FDA failed to follow through in the Evanger's case, allowing some sleazy criminal to escape charges, could that supplier have shoved carcasses of horses that had been put down with pentobarbital into freezers?


Have they mixed "deadly pentobarbital meat" with good meat to thin out the poison?


A solution to this poisoning mess is the responsibility of the FDA, USDA (for food animals), and the FBI if a supplier committed a crime by using meat from animals put down with a "death drug". Read more for ii The Carnivores Diet.


It is time for everyone in government agencies to do their jobs. And, the public has a right to know what they found and what they did about it. I picked this up from the internet. It may not be complete. I could not find an FDA notice (on the euthanasia drug) and I did not get a notice even though as you know, I’m on their notification list. Neither is it listed (as of now) on the FDA website:


The FDA notice says “Consumers can report complaints about this and other pet food products electronically through the FDA Safety Reporting Portal or by calling their local FDA Consumer Complaint Coordinators. EST 2002 © 1802


Previous Poisonings: Salmonella Recalls and Dog Eat Dog = pentobarbital or ketamine.

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Drugged Dog Food

Protect your pets from euthanasia drugs (pentobarbital) in the food.

What's in this dog food can?  We know you can't trust the label ingredients because it is indeed a "dog eat dog" world.

Dog Eat Dog

Meat meal can include dogs, cats, and the euthanasia drugs used to kill them.

Deadly Dog Food

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