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Natura Pet Products did a total recall of dry cat and dog food but it has been ongoing for the exact same contamination – Salmonella!


2018 Update | TheDogPress

Nel Liquorman, Health & Nutrition Editor


Salmonella, increasingly found in pet foods, can sicken or kill your pet, or even people.Previous recalls were issued March, April and June 2013, an astounding four recalls for ii salmonella in just 4 short months. Can we really trust that the extension of the recall, covering products with a 6/10/2014 expiration date, puts an end to Natura’s contaminated pet foods?


Don’t bet your dog or cat on it!


Proctor & Gamble owns Natura Pet Products, but neither company has explained the salmonella contamination, or named the source of it. We do not know if the FDA is investigating. There is no mainstream media coverage for this ongoing problem. Could there be a China connection? If a contaminated ingredient came from China this problem may keep expanding until every pet food company in the USA that uses an imported ingredient is affected.


Flashback to the melamine disaster!

Investigations, along with the admission from one pet product producer, indicate that there are at least two supplement ingredients that pet food companies appear to import from China or Taiwan. The ingredients are vitamin E and taurine (required in cat food products). The claim is that these two substances are not produced in the USA, and that China and Taiwan are the only available exporters.


Since there is no law or requirement that manufacturers must state the County of Origin{1} for each ingredient, it is certainly likely that there are other Chinese ingredients being used in pet foods!


Your dog shouldn't have to beg for safe pet food, free of salmonella contamination and be made in America!Your dog can’t beg for healthy, safe food but you can demand it! Faxes have been sent from this reporter to Senators on the Congressional-Executive Commission on China regarding pet food problems related to imports from China. The Commission is currently holding hearings on trade with China and problems that we are experiencing from this trade. Now would be the time for readers to weigh in on this issue by letting Senators on the CECC know your concerns regarding ingredients in pet foods (and our own foods) that are imported from China. Don’t leave it to chance that Senators are informed about recalls, since many of us have to mine the internet to see if what is safe to feed the dog and ii salmonella is a huge health problem!


With so many governmental scandals taking place, it is not likely that the mainstream media will even take up pet food issues, but don’t let that cause this Salmonella scandal to get shoved under the rug.


Pet owners can be a force for change! Ancestors were feeding the dogs and cats long before pet food makers turned feeding pets into the multi-billion dollar industry that now exceeds 55 billion annually in sales.


If you believe that pet foods cause the many problems that keep veterinarian offices filled with sick pets, then you should be taking some action. Perhaps putting pressure on your government to stop bad trade policies that result in risky pet foods would be a good place to start.


Not all recalls are reported to FDA and with pet foods made offshore and NO LABELING requirements, there is high risk of tainted or contaminated dog food. Read my column on Scary Pet Food Recalls.


{1} Pet Food Label Deception Country Of Origin problems revealed EST 2002 © 1308cisp1802





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