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The frightful connection between AKC, HSUS, PAWS, USDA, NAIS, GPS, microchips, Digital Angel, and Senators Fred Thompson & Rick Santorum.


March 2006

Barbara "BJ" Andrews, Editor-In-Chief


I'll try to make tying this knot as easy as petting your dog.  First, a little background. PAWS (Pet Animal Welfare Statute, ref #1) set the stage on new legislation that set the dog fancy on its ear.  Now in addition to unraveling PAWS, we are faced with defeating NAIS (National Animal Identification System). First, one has to unsnarl the tangled threads of politics that involve AKC and its interest in the microchip industry, Digital Angel and politicians like Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) and Senator Fred Thompson (R-TN)


Connect the dots, call 'em knots, call it a genuine, real-life conspiracy. Whatever. Read, verify, then share with friends!


New Microchip Law Allows GPS Satellite Tracking;

Can you imagine the news networks ignoring a law that means tracking every food animal, even a chicken raised for the family’s own consumption? Secrecy surrounding the NAIS has finally sprung a leak but has yet to reach the public. Read on and understand why its been suppressed by the media. Were it not for the Shannons and Mary Zanoni, Ph.D. (Cornell), J.D. (Yale) TheDogPress would not have known either.


Can’t you just hear Rush Limbaugh’s monolog? “The chickens are out! Call a Democrat!” Seriously, every time a micro-chipped pleasure horse leaves the owner’s premises, the government will know when and where it went, and failure to report it can bring stiff penalties!


Bill O’Reilly, where are you? Did you know that every piece of property on which resides a food animal must be registered in Big Brother’s database and trackable with an RFID microchip? Did you know that detailed Radio Frequency I.D. information about the property owner will be part of that database?


Sean Hannity, the guy who broke figures on the Gulf Coast cleanup needs to know NAIS forebodes even more staggering costs, only part of which is the massive tracking database. The database is to be “privatized” i.e. run by someone other than the government. Who will get that contract?


NAIS and microchipping costs to be recouped by selling private information. Some lucky company will make a fortune selling information about the premises owner and their habits! The implanted microchip system will record where and for how much the horse, cow, pig, or chicken is sold.


Why has this been kept so hush-hush? Why hasn’t the secrecy/privacy issue crossed the aisle of political debate? Probably for the same reason PAWS never made media news. There's plenty of payback to go around.


PAWS and NAIS connect profiteering politicians through a tenuous but not surprising link. You know the old saying, “follow the money.” In this case, follow power plays too but be prepared; the path to political power is as crowded as Sunday morning jogger routes in Central Park!


PAWS, Santorum, GPS connection. If you haven’t yet heard of Digital Angel and Senator Rick Santorum, read on. Savvy dog people know that the good Senator is the power behind PAWS, still on the table in 2008. TheDogPlace called PAWS “the worst threat to dog breeders in history.”


Wrong on two counts:

NAIS is a newer, greater threat to the privacy of all animal owners.  Animals first, then your child, elderly relatives, and finally, they are already talking about "medical microchips" for you. Santorum seems willing to abdicate his throne on PAWS in favor of promoting microchips.  Perhaps there’s more prestige connected with a position on the Board of Directors of Applied Digital Technologies, the parent company of Digital Angel? Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson thought so. And what you ask, does Digital Angel have to do with PAWS, and now this new thing, this NAIS?


Okay, the first answer is to be found in this self-description:

"Digital Angel Corporation develops advanced RFID and GPS technologies that enable rapid and accurate identification, location tracking, and condition monitoring of high-value assets. Applications for our products include identification and monitoring of pets, humans, fish and livestock through our patented implantable microchips as well as message monitoring of aircraft in remote locations through integrated GPS and geosynchronous satellite communications systems."


Now you can see how enforcement of PAWS would profit a microchip company and you know how one thing leads to another.


GPS Tracking $$$ After microchip technology to “protect our pets” and “stop the importation of masses of foreign dogs” there comes GPS tracking of every living thing on the planet. Wow, forget about the millions of dollars to be made from convincing USDA to institute PAWS, and don’t even count the profit potential for “not for profit” organizations like AKC which will surely enter into the microchip business.


What does this mean to dog breeders, private or commercial? Will some of the profit from mandatory microchip I.D. be boosted by inspection fees and will veterinarians have to share some of the extra income microchipping will generate?


Go back and reread the part about “monitoring” and “humans.” Given no impediments to progress, your children will almost certainly receive a microchip implant and your grandchildren will welcome it a generation later! Amber Alerts would no longer be needed. There are admitted benefits to the technology. But let’s get back to the here and now.


NAIS is already implemented on a voluntary basis in many states and in other countries.  The same legislation-crafters and backers who invented PAWS only took a tiny little stumble when dog people said “no, we ain’t gonna roll over and play dead.” They just hitched up their pants, dumped a few more bucks to the lobbyists and PR machines and quietly proceeded to where the real money is.  Microchip RFID technology and tracking.


How many chickens and pigs are there in the civilized world? Can’t count that high? Okay, then how many cows in Texas? Okay let’s narrow the chip thing down to just a tiny little country like – ummm, let’s see….. how about Portugal?


Chew on this fDigital Angel press release. “The Portuguese dog identification program is being conducted in conjunction with the country's annual rabies vaccination drive. The Portuguese ministry was prompted to undertake the project because other countries in Europe had experienced excellent results….. The deadline for all of Portugal's approximately 2 million dogs to be identified and registered in a national database is 2007. ….. (Digital Angel's partner) is Atlanta-based Merial, one of the world's leading animal healthcare companies. …. pet identification is prominent throughout Europe, thanks also to the recently enacted European Union's Pet Passport Initiative.


There! We didn’t have to count. Two million dogs will be chipped in just the tiny country of Portugal. Remember, that doesn’t include other pets and it doesn’t include Europe.


Microchipping was just a precursor to GPS tracking by NAIS. PAWS would have been a giant first step but the dog fancy stopped the legislation introduced by Rick Santorum . But microchips?  Wow, something AKC and HSUS agree on. For goodness sake, if you love your dog, microchip. What if your dog is lost?


PAWS was to smooth the way, enforce chipping, get AKC into your homes via “inspections” and yes, ultimately, to insure that you live up to those ridiculous USDA requirements written by non-animal people who think of dogs as rabbits... But I digress.


Yes, there’s more to follow. This is a bit like being told your 14 year old daughter is pregnant. First you don’t believe it. Then you accept the truth and comfort her. Then you begin to think of the implications and want to castrate the guy that did this to her. Then you take another look at your beautiful daughter and decide whether being a financially and morally responsible grandparent (read that as owner) is in your future. There are no easy decisions but they have to be made.


ref #1 PAWS (Pet Animal Welfare Statute)

More information on National Animal Identification System (NAIS) courtesy Wikipedia


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