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How Do You Stop A Tank?!


May 9, 2006 - It's pretty hard to stop a tank unless you have heavy artillery and then you’ve destroyed the machine. It might take a little longer to redirect its gun turrent at the enemy but in the long run, it might be wiser and with good leadership, possible.


From a barrage of mail, we excerpted from the following LTE because it so perfectly represented the mood of the people.


“Is there anything breeders can do to put pressure on AKC to do the right thing?  Frankly, UKC is looking better and better!  Kiesha Crawmer  Kismet Whippets and IGs.”


Some already have answers because they are leaders – or like Keisha, are about to become one.  So what can you do?  The first thing is to protect your friends who haven’t yet seen the tank or who still think it isn't bearing down on us.  Sure, it's human nature to avoid the unpleasant but there are times when we need to be jolted out of complacency.


The first step out of the tank’s path is forwardSpeak out.  If what you say makes sense, if the truth of it can’t be denied, you then have two people who are no longer blinded by apathy.  Discussion brings forth ideas and helps clarify murky things, even something as hard to see as a tank!


It doesn’t matter who you are in this sport, it is what you are to others.  Put aside your years of obedience training.  The judges have long been subjugated by AKC but they are suddenly refusing to roll over.  Okay, so there will always be weaklings who, like an abused dog, crawls back to the foot that kicked it.  The point of this analogy is that people remember and unlike a faithful dog, are not so forgiving...


A hypocritical pat on the head doesn't make us forget having been kicked and that is where we are today.  We need leadership.  Whether individually deserving or not, judges are leaders.  Breeder, owner-handler or pro-handler; we are taught from day one that judges are leaders.  We are expected to accept their decisions without bristling.  We seek out and pay for their knowledge.  So we are watching and waiting to see what our leaders will do about that tank.   And it's a funny thing, canine or human, when leaders know they are being observed, they stand taller and from that, others gather strength.


Corny analogy?  Maybe not.  Nature is Truth.  One has only to observe.  It has been so since man first stood upright, looked around, and chose a leader.  We expect them to protect us from the enemy.  We sure don’t expect them to abandon us and become the enemy!  So when we feel surrounded and outnumbered (by commercial breeders, legislators and humaniacs) we demand leaders with unquestionable loyalty.  Interpret that as judges or AKC, whichever suits you.


Barbara "BJ" Andrews BioWe are after all, HUMAN.  Reasoning, thinking, observant beings.  When any leader sells us out to the enemy, forget the analogies - we are gonna get ourselves a BIGGER tank.  We will take aim.  Start firing.   So Kiesha, thanks to you and a good cuppa coffee, we have written the editorial.  It may not be what everyone wants to hear and some will disagree, but thanks for asking.

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