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Mixed Breeds, Designer Dogs Competing in AKC shows?  Petland pet shop deal off AKC's table?


Oct. 8, 2008

Barbara "BJ" Andrews, SAAB Member


An issue many thought was permanently off the table by Delegate opposition nearly two years ago may be back, served with a new “feel good” concept – allowing “mixed breeds” to compete in AKC companion events.  More on that in a moment.


AKC’s Rationale To Partner With (Petland) Petshops, TheDogPress broke the story immediately following the September 2006 meeting.  We included a letter from the AVP of the Registration and Customer Service, one which we concede was well founded and brilliantly presented.  Even so, Delegate outrage was heard loud and clear.  If you missed the important background that may have led to the present proposal to register mongrels and designer dogs, go to the Petland Deal for complete coverage including comments from judges, delegates, and exhibitors.


Perhaps it just took time for AKC to come up with a back-door plan, made feasible by concern over falling registrations which are said (by AKC) to have seriously impacted income and financial reserves.  This is known as fiscal responsibility and looking ahead.  Had the AKC applied that to its AKC Canine Health Foundation, today’s financials would be much higher – but the AKC/CHF is another story - one AKC wishes TheDogPress had not made public.


Right now we wonder if the AKC concept of partnering with pet shops is dead?  If AKC clubs allow mixed breed dogs to compete in “companion events” as presented at the June 2008 Delegates’ Meeting, wouldn’t it also be logical to re-address boosting registrations again?  After all, AKC seems to "register anything" as covered in August of this year.


The Delegates presented a Resolution that the AKC Board “take no final action” without Delegate approval.  The Delegates seem adamantly opposed to a change in the AKC Bylaws that would open the door to registration of non-purebred and “Designer Dogs.”  That is exactly what will happen, at least in the minds and advertising of those who breed Designer Dogs.  The public will be led through that crack in the door, believing designer dogs and cross-breds are of the same value as purebreds.


So if you are a member of an AKC member club, click below to reply.


How does your club feel about AKC’s proposal to allow mixed breed, i.e. mongrols to compete in companion events?


Barbara "BJ" Andrews BioAnd the most important!: Does your club (ask) or (require) or (expect) your Delegate to vote according to the majority opinion of its membership?


A full ballot report and your comments will be tabulated and follow in a subsequent edition of HEADlines.  Please have your club’s secretary respond promptly.  Every Member Club and all National Breed Clubs will receive free links on our Club News Section Index, our way of saying thank you for participating. EST 2002 © 0810


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