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The great people at AKC today are outnumbered by those who put puppy mills, profit, and corporate perks above well-bred dogs and the show breeders who made it successful.


January 2017 update - April 2006

Barbara "BJ" Andrews, Editor-In-Chief


This was written a decade ago but the staff decided new breeders should know the score hasn't changed much.  We all have to stay active and involved to protect the sport and purebred dogs. "Against what?" you said.  You have a TV, surely you see the anti-breeder sentiment and legislation ginned up by the Animal Rights fanatics who profit financially and placate their sick egos at our expense? (see EMAIL EDITOR below.)


No, that wasn't aimed at the AKC.  It is however typical of many corporate giants wherein profit and power takes precedence over scruples and the stockholders take a beating.


Who said AKC, Inc. has no stockholders? Here is our "stock" certificate!  So why is there no accountability to stockholders? Financial management at the American Kennel Club is top notch, not to worry there. $$$ Nine million in profits during a year when registrations are falling like hailstones!  That's remarkable whether you agree with the whoring of AKC’s name or not. Perhaps it is Moral Management that is missing.


When honesty, ethics, duty or truth is compromised, it puts a company in trouble.  Corporations can lose direction just like ordinary people. While the collective “we” are not stockholders, show breeders have a lot at stake in the success or failure of this company we call the AKC.


We are heavily invested as hobby breeders. We are not commercial breeders. We are not puppy farms, puppy mills, wholesalers or pet shop suppliers.


Kennel Clubs are not stockholders either but most are struggling to keep financially afloat and it will get worse because people who buy from pet shops and wholesalers do not show. Breed Clubs are at serious risk. Owners of Designer Dogs and Puppy Mill Produce are not dues payers. Breed or Kennel Club, even volunteers don’t want to work for a failing organization! Who wants to be President of a club with no members? A Treasurer with no funds?


Mega-corporations shrug off accountability until, like Enron, the federal government steps in. According to complaints received by TheDogPress, there is no accountability at AKC even though it is a hugely profitable corporation. We vouch for those charges because when as a point of news reporting, we ask for a response to allegations of wrong-doing, it is ignored. When any corporation cares so little about its customer base that it gives them the finger instead of facts, the implications are staggering.


If a communications department cranks out press releases that border on lies in lieu of news, is that a sign of corporate health or an insult to hobby and show breeders?


On behalf of subscribers’ who view the integrity of the AKC stud book as a marker for value in the “purebred dog market” and who are upset by demonstrated lack of concern for stud book integrity {1} related to perceived laxity on behalf of commercial competitors, we asked these questions on March 17th 2006.


1.) Who do we contact for comment on widespread Stud Book / Pedigree Fraud?

2.) Why does AKC require the registration number to be listed in the catalog?

3.) When will AKC change that outdated policy in order to protect against pedigree theft?

4.) Who do we contact for a complete list of suspended persons so as to protect buyers?

5.) If there is no such list, or it is not available, why not?


We followed up with several polite reminders and despite an initial assurance of cooperation, have not had so much as a “we’re working on it” response. That is AKC’s typical answer to uncomfortable pressure or an issue it would prefer to ignore – no answer. No accountability to “stockholders” or customers.


Given the amount of registration fraud {2} representing hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, one would think the corporation would be grateful to have easily-closed loopholes identified. The superintendents are willing to cease publishing registration numbers in show catalogs. If it once served any purpose, well, times have changed.  Today it only serves those who would steal our "stock certificates" so with all the brain-power at the AKC... how can it be complicit in allowing that to happen?


Documented cases of stud book corruption can no longer be waved away or excused by laying the blame and responsibility on US!


That might have worked a decade ago, before TheDogPress gave you the AKC Minutes and reported on problems that affect you, the customer.


Pandering remarks like “Breeders Are the Backbone Of The Sport” have lost their meaning. Glorifying Show Breeders allows the corporation to trade us off for bigger endorsements, more sponsorship dollars and perks, etc. It no longer makes us “feel good” about what we do. Show Breeders have wised up.


Holding hands with commercial breeders, i.e. puppy mills is a betrayal of what put the American Kennel Club on the map.  Ignoring, allowing, often supporting legislation that favors mass producers over small private investors is wrong. Wall Street may be humming but AKC shareholders are getting nervous.


Were this a real non-for-profit corporation answers would be expected. There can be none where none exist. We expect AKC to join THE FANCY to fight the raft of legislation that favors commercial breeders and threatens private hobby breeders. Instead we're told that AKC has “always registered HVB puppies.” What?  That makes it okay?  The fact is, few breeders knew (or cared) until AKC switched sides and FAVORED puppy mills, ie. the “High Volume Breeder” {3}  over the Show or Hobby Breeder.


Wake up folks.  We ARE the stockholders.  We built the business of purebred dogs and while our registration fees are but a drop in the bucket compared to the puppy mills, it is the Show Breeder who sells the AKC concept “We Are For Dogs.”


It is the show breeder and small hobby breeder who was/is threatened by PAWS {4}, the Pet Animal Welfare Statue. Commercial breeders are already regulated by USDA and USDA inspected. It is the small hobby breeder who can not fight local legislation, zoning, deed restrictions, etc.


Barbara "BJ" Andrews BioAKC's end-of-year Legislation report claimed glowing success in fighting laws and regulations that impact hobby breeders.  If YOU live in any area or state where the American Kennel Club saved the day, or you are a member of a dog club or legislative group that received tangible legal help from AKC, please EMAIL THE EDITOR


Let us know so we can give credit where it is due!  And yes, you have blanket permission to reprint this article or put a link to this editorial on all social media. 


Do you plan to stay “in dogs”? How much do you have invested in your breeding program? Do you dare ask questions and expect accountability? Do YOU have stock in the AKC Corporation?


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