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What is AKC and HSUS’s real position on the new APHIS regulations which will end private (non-taxable) hobby breeding?


Sept 2013

Barbara "BJ" Andrews, SAAB Member


The answer may worry you more than the fear of being exterminated as a hobby or show breeder. The American Kennel Club Chairman’s eloquent September report sounds like a good plan to defeat APHIS. Still, when viewed through 20/20 hindsight, it is a reminder of AKC’s past failures and offers nothing hopeful for dog breeders.


Companion Animal Breeders

We need Numbers and Legal Fees and that’s where dog breeders are our own worst enemy. Getting companion animal breeders together in TUBA, The United Breeders Of America{2} was about as successful as having schutzhund, racing greyhound and toy dog breeders sit down in the same room.


All who breed companion animal species must unite to raise money and develop political power. One of our readers (a government watchdog) shared some amazing facts on the top animal rights group. The Humane Society Of The U.S. has their people or those friendly to their cause in powerful organizations from regulatory agencies (USDA and IRS) to business (Pepsi) and even sports (NFL).


Topping a list of notable HSUS connections, Cartright reported “USDA secretary Tom Vilsack hired Sarah L. Conant, the HSUS lawyer, as director of (APHIS) Animal Plant Health Inspection Service enforcement”{3}. From USDA employees contributing to Christine Vilsack’s campaign for congress, to T. Boone Picken’s wife buying (gas and water-rich) public land for a horse sanctuary, HSUS has interesting connections.


APHIS Dog Breeder Audit

Buried in a Sept 2013 press release on the APHIS website is mention of an Office of Inspector General (OIG) audit on dog breeders{4}. That 2010 audit showed more than 80% of sampled breeders were not monitored nor inspected.


One might conclude that a smart official could get a leg up by pointing out that something should be done about that! Does that lead to a conclusion that either AKC or HSUS could implement a plan to profitably regulate and inspect those dog breeders? TheDogPress postulated that scenario in 2011{5}.


HSUS and IRS Tax Exempt Division Scandal covered the stinky story of Lois Lerner (head of tax exempt division){6} who you’ve seen on TV refusing to testify before Congress. Just this week Lerner was caught red-handed by her own Cincinnati office memo on delaying (indefinitely) non-profit status for conservative political groups. Too bad Congress hasn’t looked at her favoritism in speedily approving HSUS and the conflict-of-interest fact that she is/was a member of that radical political group which, contrary to 501(C)3 regulations, regularly lobbies Congress.  She was queried by Rep. Luetkemeyer (MO) in 2010 about approving a group as tax-exempt when it is openly engaged in lobbying but she refused to desist and sought to conceal her relationship with HSUS. See Lois Lerner, IRS/HSUS Scandal VIDEOS


Dog breeders had no idea that AKC was actually supporting PAWS until broke the story behind the story. In 2011 we asked “What Does AKC Support?”{7} because the all-inclusive PAWS regulatory act would have stymied show breeders into oblivion. Proactive breeders, once they learned the truth, killed the Pet Animal Welfare Statute and that is what must happen with this new stronger version of PAWS.


USDA, pushed by the “ii - Instant Information Animal Rights” advocates putting the right donations in the right hands, seems to have moved responsibility one step further away HSUS-government collusion.  This was a clever move and explains how APHIS slipped out of attorney Frank Losey’s legal lasso{8}.


Who Will Inspect You For APHIS?

Who is Sarah Conant?  Answer below.  The biggest collusion connection so far.  If HSUS, acting under the authority or contract with USDA/APHIS, inspects you and your home, it is likely they will want more than who you’ve sold to and their contact information.


How about your financial records? AKC requires your buyer information (which they really have no right to!) but so far, AKC has stayed out of your checking account and your home. APHIS and HSUS may be more intrusive, especially if they are accompanied by Animal Control or local law enforcement.


Remember the IRS/APHIS/HSUS connection and be ready to say hello to good-looking, smooth-talking Wayne Pacelle when he knocks on your door.


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