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HSUS Political Power Revealed


How the sticky cobweb of politics, money, Pepsi, the NFL, APHIS, IRS, USDA, HSUS and AKC affect YOU and the sport of purebred dogs?


February 2013 |

The NetPlaces Network Staff


The Humane Society Of The U.S. is "connected" through many branches of government, from USDA to APHIS to IRS! Joe Cartright shared some real eye-openers, even for those of us who know that HSUS operates no shelters and spends less than 1% on helping animals.


He offered as example the APHIS Breeder Regulations passed by Sarah Conant, APHIS Director and HSUS ally. {Ref #1}. “The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) released a video of alleged abuse of Tennessee Walking horses in March of 2012. Significantly, that video was produced a year before the alleged abuse it documented.” 


That’s just part of the reason no Pepsi products were served at the huge Celebration Show for Tennessee Walking Horses. Cartright starts with horses but we will follow the HSUS influence right through to your AKC and Federal government.


Pepsi and HSUS:

Pepsi’s Marketing Director, Richard Kaplan, gave $5000.00 to the Humane Society Legislative fund (HSLF) a Lobbying Group. Wayne Pacelle, CEO and President of HSUS, is also the HSLF Executive Vice President. Not only did Mr. Kaplan of Pepsi give to the HSLF, so did his wife Peggy Kokernot Kaplan, who is on the Board of Directors of the Humane Society of the United States’ National Council.


Not hard to see why Cartright says “In March, the very same month the video by HSUS was released, Pepsi removed itself from sponsoring the Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration in Chattanooga Tennessee.” Obviously Pepsi could not be associated with any group that came under fire by HSUS. According to sources, “On December 23, 2010 Pepsi granted $250,000 to HSUS even though in the official application guidelines, it strictly states that applications cannot to any degree ‘challenge, lobby for or seek to change current laws, or enact any new laws.’”


NFL, AKC Judges, and HSUS

Pepsi MAX also teamed up with the National Football League (NFL) and the NFL Players, Inc. to allow fans to vote for the Pepsi MAX NFL Rookie of the Week during the 2012 NFL season. Does Pepsi also support Michael Vick, the player whom President Obama praised the Philadelphia Eagles for giving a second chance?


Michael Vick is the football star who only served 21 months in federal prison for brutalizing and killing pit bulls while engaged in an interstate dog fighting ring. He was not suspended from AKC but perhaps he didn’t register his pit bulls with AKC. Cartright reports “HSUS hired Michael Vick and placed him in a position to teach school children about dogs.” Dog owners shuddered at Vick’s TV commercials for HSUS.


Where does HSUS get so much money with which to persuade power? One example comes easily to mind. In 2009, TheDogPress reported Ted Paul used his credentials as an AKC judge, dog breeder, and collie club official when he testified on behalf of Oregon Animal Rights law.  According to the Humane Society Of The U.S. website, "Beverly and Ted Paul have been animal activists and supporters of The HSUS and The Fund for Animals for more than 40 years."


And significantly, there's that little matter of IRS Director Lois Lerner's apparent protection of the Humane Society Of The United States {Ref #2} non-profit status.


USDA and HSUS Political Power

The HSUS connection with USDA gives the Humane Society Of The U.S. yet another tool with which to control dog breeders. Make no mistake, it isn’t puppy mills (renamed “commercial breeders” by AKC) that USDA seeks to regulate into obscurity. No indeed! It is the hobby and show breeders HSUS intends to sterilize!


Why? Because many private breeders only have a litter every few years when they breed to keep something for their next generation of show dogs. The other puppies in the litter are often given away to friends and family and those that are sold are rarely reported to IRS. Frank Losey’s research on HSUS and Internal Revenue Service revealed a friendly relationship which translates into recovering billions in lost/unreported/under-reported tax from hobby breeders.


Even so, from a symbiotic government relationship, the HSUS-USDA connection becomes an outrageous “business” advantage between a powerful government agency and a questionable non-profit corporation.  Cartright reports “USDA secretary Tom Vilsack hired Sarah L. Conant, the HSUS lawyer, as director of (APHIS) Animal Plant Health Inspection Service enforcement.” This unhealthy collusion did not escape the notice of Congress.


Senator Moran, addressing the House, says “USDA spending taxpayer dollars … to provide the Humane Society Of The United States a public forum to espouse its anti-agriculture views… APHIS representatives believe that the Human Society’s intent is to promote and position (itself) to be recognized nationally as influencing APHIS policy on critical and sensitive issue…6-minute video below.


Joe Cartright’s dissertation on dirty politics brings us back to HSUS through Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack who supports the “Pickens Plan For Sustainable Energy”.


HSUS, Pickens, and Wild Horses

What does USDA, Pickens and wild horse have to do with HSUS? The Ruby Pipeline, a gigantic project to transport natural gas from Wyoming to Oregon slices through five separate wild horse herd areas.  One of the largest users of the pipeline will be BP [owner T. Boone Pickens].


Cartright then ties it all together, “So how does Mr. Pickens propose to get his plan going with wild horse herds getting in the way? He sends out his wife, Madeleine Pickens, to form a non-profit “Saving America’s Mustangs” which is “a strong ally of The Humane Society of the United States.”


Mrs. Pickens acquires 14,000 acres in NE Nevada, purportedly for the “Horse Sanctuary” and getting double the bang for the buck, she wants to buy additional water rights for her “eco-sanctuary.” Digging deeper, Cartright says “If water is the new oil, T. Boone Pickens is a modern-day John D. Rockefeller. Pickens owns more water than any other individual in the U.S. and is looking to control AND SELL even more.


HSUS supports Picken’s efforts to acquire all that land and water for a horse sanctuary. April 20, 2012 “The HSUS praises the BLM for its decision to support philanthropist and wild horse advocate Madeleine Pickens’ proposal to create an eco-sanctuary for America’s mustangs.


Wild horses are being slaughtered to remove them from open range grazingConversely... Pickens lobbied for the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act HR 503 (A USDA/ HSUS program) which would have prohibited the trade and transport of live horses intended for human consumption. Intended or not, what The Horse Slaughter Prevention Act actually did was promote the abuse of horses through prolonged suffering of elderly or diseased horses.


Sterilization Courtesy of USDA, BLM and HSUS

Using a horse sanctuary to get water rights is peanuts compared to something else Cartright uncovered about HSUS $$$ and the Bureau Of Land Management.


The HSUS is currently working in partnership with the BLM on a landmark study, financed by a grant from the Annenberg Foundation [$327,000 in 2010] designed to determine the efficacy and cost-benefits of using the immunocontraception vaccine commonly known as porcine zona pellucida (PZP) to manage wild horse and burro populations on the range. PZP was recently registered by the Environmental Protection Agency under the brand name ZonaStat-H for this use.”


Cartright observes PZP is owned by the HSUS. PZP contraceptive research {Ref #3}. To stop the BLM from castrating horses instead of using PZP owned by HSUS, wild horse activists are suing the United States’ government over its plans to castrate hundreds of horses in eastern Nevada, hoping to block the implementation of a precedent-setting plan to regulate wild-horse populations.


HSUS, Sierra Club, USDA and APHIS

The Sierra Club is a well-known environmental - political lobbying group. Michael Brune, executive director of the Sierra Club and Wayne Pacelle, HSUS CEO and President, have worked together on many issues ..."


Also according to Cartright, “The Sierra Club’s federal candidate endorsement list reads exactly like that of the Humane Society Legislative Fund including endorsing Barack Obama who has passed into law over 50% of the Humane Society of the United States "100 point agenda.


On May 16, 2012, the Humane Society Of The U.S. legislative fund showed a disbursement of $1000.00 to the Christie Vilsack campaign in Iowa. Again, credit to Cartright who states Christie Vilsack announced that she did not accept the funds from HSLF.


He points out however, that nowhere in the HSLF FEC filings does it show a return of the money from Christie Vilsack. And, as an added bonus, her husband Tom Vilsack, the Secretary of Agriculture, is working on her campaign.


Also donating money to Mrs. Vilsack’s campaign are many USDA employees according to her FEC Filing. Significantly, HSLF is said to have spent over $550,000.00 to defeat Christie Vilsack’s opponent, Steve King, who has been very outspoken about the lies that HSUS spreads. thanks Joe Cartright and other concerned citizens who provided this information and prompted exposure.


GOLDDIGGER RESEARCH ON HSUSMine for Gold in these Reference Links and Related HSUS Information:


{1} Who Is Sarah Conant?   {2} IRS, Lois Lerner & HSUS   {3} PZP contraceptive research(offsite)


APHIS-USDA-HSUS Collusion  ~  Video Theater, Senator addresses House on USDA


If you’ve ever wondered where animal rights groups get funding, read the investigative piece on The Tides Foundation provided in the Display below. EST 2002 © 14011164170-0920S09



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