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Skinwalker Ranch is a top TV show but what do you know about Skinwalker dogs? Are there dogs that refuse to leave their owners when danger is ABOUT to occur?


Barbara "BJ" Andrews, SAAB

April 1, 2024


In Navajo culture, a skin-walker is a harmful witch with the ability to turn into or disguise themselves as an animal. Some would say today’s skinwalker is more believable than ever. Funny eh? The more educated we are, the more we can understand what we never knew.



Millions of people have had a best-friend dog warn them of impending danger. It isn’t just about the dog hearing a tornado or reading another person’s mind. There are many owners who swear that their dead dog “came back” to warn them of something terrible that was about to happen.


Those ghost-dogs are never threatening. They are comforting, reassuring and CONVINCING as to the “afterlife.” Owners may at first be startled or taken-aback but significantly, they are never afraid. The warm breath on your ear. The familiar nudge at the back of your knee. It is clearly your dog.



You know dogs sense things and they use touch to communicate. A howl is sadness or yearning and that sound has been often reported but your ghost-dog makes its presence known by touching you or just thinking towards you.


A skinwalker can take the form of a human or an animal and is always considered a “harmful creature with the ability to turn into, possess, or disguise themselves as an animal.


The term is never used for healers so let’s take that to mean no dog can become a skinwalker.


For those who haven’t watched the Skinwalker TV show, the stars are real people presenting real phenomenon. They are physicists, astronomers and top college professors. Skinwalker Ranch is a real place that has been famous for decades. It has been studied by every form of scientists and so far no explanation has been arrived at.


That’s because there is no way to explain in a way that average viewers would accept. But wait, if you are in touch with your dog, you know that the common, everyday dog is magic. He can sense your mood and read your mind better than your best friend or your spouse.


I think we can agree that there are many things which, even in this day of putting men on the moon, remain inexplicable.


Having done public education in both written and TV format, I can assure you there is no explanation for skin walkers. Neither is there any understanding of the domestic dog’s uncanny ability to read our minds, to find objects and people they’ve never seen and to predict disaster.


When you stop and think about it, there is more we do not understand than that which we think we know… EST 2002 © Apr 2024



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