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How will you feed your dogs in 2023 when meat becomes a scarce and pricey protein and you can barely feed your family? Are you prepared for this?


February 1, 2023 |

Barbara "BJ" Andrews, SAAB Member


The BBC predicts by “2070 or 2080 … there will be between 1 billion and 10.4 billion people on the planet.” Sooo? A major meat producer says “grazing on public lands is critical to ranchers who are being squeezed out…” and their land is “being bought up for housing or recreational hunting.



That is a lot to absorb but a wise person will realize this is the proverbial hot potato.


2023 brings “growing” concern over our food supply stability due to the ever-increasing population multiplied by the rise in production costs coupled with a rapid decrease in good grazing and farmland. That sentence is a mouthful, pun intended.


Ranchers and growers are feeling the squeeze. Less income for crops and rising costs for taxes and labor. Many are selling out and predictions are that those huge parcels will be broken up and sold for housing.


You get it… our food supply will suffer and we will be forced to import more food from non-friendly countries.


What are ranchers and livestock owners to do? More food is needed for more people but the farming industry is feeling the crunch AND the cost of hanging on to good pasture or farmland. Many will resort to using growth hormones to bring food animals to greater and quicker weight which translates to more and quicker income.


If you are thinking that won’t affect you, consider this all-too-common disclaimer in the food industry – “The FDA has stated that the meat from animals treated with hormones is safe for consumption at any time.” Apparently there is a huge amount of concern, thus the denial.



Dog breeders are lucky in that we don’t need acreage but UNLUCKY if we want our carnivores to eat natural food instead of corn and wheat, much of it grown in other countries, i.e. little-to-no oversight…


Ranchers will not be the only ones feeling the economic crunch of providing proper food for their animals. Large-animal veterinarians will have to seek new clients or retire earlier than planned. Another product of 2023 inflation.


Back to foods. Children are even more affected by hormones passed through the food chain. If possible, buy locally produced organic meat and vegetables that are certified or at least labeled as ORGANIC. Food crops and animals are pushed to earlier and greater weight gain by HORMONE supplements.


You get it. Your 12-year-old has enough hormonal problems. The last thing he or she needs is more hormones.



Several of my friends have formed a food co-op. Between them they have goat milk, eggs and poultry for meat. One has room for pigs but she’s getting so attached to them they may never be bacon… TheDogPress is about dogs but it is hard to steer clear of politics when they increasingly affect your budget, customs, and the well-being of your family and whatever pets you own.


Facts keep getting in the way of our “right” to own animals, large or small. That applies to farmers who are being choked out of their way of life and their livelihood.


So get to know your local leaders and state representatives. is hearing more and more about politicians being “owned” by other interests. If we don’t have time to get to know our leaders and let them know we are paying attention, our lives will be even more affected by the loss of local foods and farmlands that give off oxygen instead of pollution.


I’ll refrain from saying many politicians give off more hot air than help… It is up to ranchers, farmers animal owners to preserve our way of life in America. I’m sure you fit in one of those categories or you would have read this far.


Thank you for caring about our animals, farms, freedoms and our many blessings as Americans. EST 2002 © Feb. 2023



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