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Listen to the ‘music’ and learn how to prepare your family and animals for survival through increasingly potential weather assaults by enemy nations.


Barbara "BJ" Andrews, SAAB Member

March 6, 2024


No, it isn’t a real harp. HAARP is the acronym for the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program developed in America. In 1993 it was sub-titled “Weather Control Weaponry” and is referred to by its acronym, HAARP.



Simply put, HAARP is space-age weather control. Get your ears up! This is important to you, especially if you have children or livestock.


Our scientists invented HAARP but today our political enemies have constructed these weapons of mass destruction. You probably never heard of HAARP. You, the average American citizen who paid for it and who is bombarded 24/7 with news alerts - you have been kept in the dark.


How is that possible and what does it mean to you and your animals?


Those who developed HAARP weather control facilities were sworn to secrecy. That rarely works in today’s money-driven society so… the federal government paid professional nay-sayers to tamp down the truth, i.e. to sing a different song.


So, this may be “news” to you but our military commanders are well aware of HAARP’s capabilities as a weapon of war. And today they are troubled because non-friendly countries have copied America’s technology and built “HAARP” installations for their own weather control facilities or for defense and/or offense.



Our leaders keep quiet about HAARP because they don’t want to worry you about being without power, figuratively and literally. Many of us are dependent on “air conditioning” which requires electricity. Imagine your house pets freezing or your elderly mother gasping in air so hot and humid it is like breathing over a steam kettle.


Last year Yale Climate Connections reported “a record-warm December closes out the fifth warmest year in 120 years…{Ref #1} Indeed, 2023 saw several billion-dollar weather disasters, totaling over $92.9 billion, the 9th highest on record.


This year has already set more weather records. The drought that hit the South and Midwest was our costliest since 1980, over $14 billion. California has been devastated by rain and historic mudslides.



The weather-related fires in Hawaii were terrifying with nowhere to go but the ocean! The worst to suffer were the animals, both domestic and wild. We don’t need to describe the horror of burning alive and now we have the Texas fires.


When you think about it, we are being assaulted from every side, politically and environmentally. “For millions of Americans impacted by a seemingly endless onslaught of weather and climate disasters, 2023 hit a new record for many extremes. ~ OAA Chief Scientist Sarah Kapnick.


The NetPlaces Network thanks the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for providing much of this information. subscribers will think about weather phenomena this year and make proper preparations for both livestock and pet animals.


We all pray HAARP has some kind of built-in defensive capabilities in today’s political climate which can be “unpredictable” at best.


Reference #1 EST 2002 © Mar 2024



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