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In 2023 we will import over $10,000,000,000 worth of pork from China where lacking open land, pigs are raised in 20-story high rise pig farms!


March 1, 2023

Barbara "BJ" Andrews, SAAB Member


This pig story is politically incorrect and thus suppressed news so we debated running it but is about animals and if we back down, we might as well shut down.



In 2019, China’s Ministry of Agriculture announced it would allow the construction of high-rise pig-breeding facilities as a way to “ease pressure on land resources.


Of course you didn’t know that but pictured is one of the first high-rise pig farms which, seen from the outside, could easily pass for an upper-class condo except there is no fancy front door, instead there are truck ramps in the back.


Politically, China is not our friend but to understand this story, consider that their population outnumbers ours 4 to 1 with an estimated 1.4 billion people crowding every foot of land. People have to be fed and pigs and poultry are easier to raise in less space than cattle. Gottit? OK, then let’s go forward.


While pigs are NOT as intelligent as dogs (some dumb veterinarian said that!) pigs do have feelings, emotions, can be trained and can show affection to humans. Pigs can even be house-trained but God/Nature never intended the bovine species to be pets or to live indoors. Pigs are ruminants. Their instinct is to hunt and dig in SOIL. Hold that thought as you weigh our decision to run this story.


Unless we are vegans, we think of pigs as ham or pork chops but even so, you will shudder at what you are about to discover. In 2009 AKC Judge Fred Lanting, writing for told readers about Imported Pet Foods and China {Ref #1} feeding asthma medication to pigs to produce leaner meat. Animal lovers shuddered.


By 2020 American pig farmers were passe, replaced by automated breeding, feeding and housing which boosted profits to $9,541,201,000 (that’s $billions) and blew the lid off “factory farming” in the U.S.



In 2021 we again reported on pork production in Driving Pigs To Insanity {Ref #2} by Stella Starr.


So, is there a real person we can blame for this extreme animal cruelty involving pigs? You decide, bearing in mind that China's population is 1.4 billion in 2022, down somewhat from a year earlier which represents the first population decline since 1961.


Qin Yinglin, born in 1965, is a Chinese agriculture tycoon, a member of the Communist Party and president of the pig farming company, Muyuan Foodstuff. He is one of the richest farmers in the world. Bloomberg Billionaires Index estimated his net worth at 20.7 billion dollars as of January 2022.


That makes sense because by early 2023 China was proclaimed as “the country with the most billionaires.” That isn’t surprising given that the United States Of America is one of their best customers.


Poor pigs. Too many people and not enough food. It is a political problem only China and birth control can solve. In the meantime “born and raised in the USA” has taken on a new meaning.


The next time you buy ham or a pork roast, try to find a label that says “grown in America.” Lotsa luck…


Reference and Related Article Information: {1} Imported Pet Foods {2} Driving Pigs To Insanity EST 2002 © Mar 2023



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