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The Pet Animal Welfare Act is not about animal welfare.  It is about controlling the dog fancy, people who compete with the puppy mills that support the AKC.


August 2005 |

Barbara "BJ" Andrews, SAAB Member


I am a wordsmith, not a legal analyst but I find nothing in PAWS that makes me believe companion animals would be any better protected than they are now.  I believe Senator Santorum's Pet Animal Welfare Statue is 99% about the money involved in the companion animal business.


Specifically, the millions of unreported $$$ dollars that escape the IRS and local tax collector’s radar.  Show breeders pump a lot of money into the economy and let's be honest, some of it was non-reported income.


It is next to impossible to get enforcement of any law that doesn’t actually profit someone...  Unless you are a U.S. Senator and need a "cause" to raise money and campaign contributions. Rick Santorum did pretty well a few years ago with his PAWS cause...


Conversely, Tam Cordingley (former NC State Animal Control officer) tried to get local intervention in a large scale puppy mill abuse situation. No results. Failing that, she called USDA.  Same response.  Essentially, if the dogs had food, water, shelter; and if the individual sold direct to the public, there was nothing USDA could do.  It didn’t matter that the puppy mill made over a $100,000 per year selling dogs.  Apparently, there was no “abuse” law or statute that covered the horrendous situation.


Even more outrageous, a determined group failed to get anyone (including AKC) to do anything about the blatantly fraudulent breeding and sales practices of a known puppy miller in TN.  Finally, one determined AKC judge and Bulldog breeder, Ms. Lorenze exposed Gina Price who was registering bulldogs as sired by Lorenze's dog, the #1 bulldog in the country.  Price was tried in federal court and sent to prison.  Pedigree Fraud Bulldogs is a lesson worth reading.


AKC may have acted on similar reports but if so, we wouldn’t know because AKC fails to make that claim.  On this Bulldog case involving hundreds of thousands of dollars in false registrations, (imagine how many pedigrees!) even with repeated complaints filed by an AKC judge, verified by other written statements, AKC did nothing.  No, it took a network of outraged fanciers who finally got the Bulldog puppy miller in court, on tax evasion.


I guess we’ve all watched too much “Animal Cops.”  We see them rush to save abused animals and charge the owners with felony animal abuse.  Try getting your local law to arrest for animal abuse. I’m told that in any large city in this country, hundreds more pets die from ABUSE than are rescued, and even then, they are usually euthanized after being rescued!  Want a Cause?  There’s one for you!


It’s hard to maintain indignation and a personal commitment to “do something” about PAWS.  My animal-loving daughter is ambivalent.  As part of her Undergraduate Research Project, she rides with Animal Control, photographs the horror, and strives to capture the tender moments, of which there are few.


This photo is but one Sherry snapped for her project.  She’s in a county that passed a law requiring a $100 (lifetime) license fee for each intact dog.  She is not opposed to that, she has seen the awful side of irresponsible ownership, and she's always been a logical thinker. Like most rational people, she sees the answer as education and follow-up.


Sherry agreed that “they” can’t enforce PAWS or any other law to protect pet animals, pointing out that DSS and Child Protective Services can’t even protect the children. When I asked her who stands to gain by pushing the warm and fuzzy PAWS legislation, she was silent for 10 seconds, then said “Oh! I get it.


So, beware PAWS and the LAW used against you.  You are visible. You use AKC registry services.  PAWS puts teeth into a law which can be selectively enforced.


AKC’s full page NY Times ad proclaiming its support of PAWS Legislation goes to newsstands all over the country.


I don’t recall AKC ever taking a full page ad anywhere proclaiming the benefits of dog ownership.


No advertisements explaining the benefits of selecting a PUREBRED dog to fill a certain lifestyle, space requirements, etc. No mention of how dog shows bring money into the communities.  No American Kennel Club praise for preserving breed type and character, which strangely enough, is the main reason the public still buys a purebred instead of adopting a shelter mutt.


Barbara "BJ" Andrews BioThe HSUS website has a lot on PAWS.  No way to find the actual bill but there's a prominent link to donate to help their effort to pass this bill "to save the animals".


Maybe the fancy deserves what it gets because PETA and the HSUS take in millions from businesses and pet owners who believe those organizations are for animals.  It's a matter of PR and the American Kennel Club has failed miserably.


PAWS and LAWS that strangle dog breeders are multiplying like rabbits.  Why doesn't AKC fight that fight? 



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