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Political movements affect your animals, your wallet, your freedom of choice, health care, and personal property. They take your dog, then your grandmother…


February 18, 2019

Barbara "BJ" Andrews, Editor-In-Chief, SAAB


“Movements” are usually against rights Americans take for granted. For example, the “right to privacy” is a hot button issue today, thanks to social media. The “right to choose” is weighted by Google, Safari and Reuters which feeds most of what you see on your phone, computer or TV screen. You only think you have freedom of choice.


If you read nothing else today, read this if you have animals, elderly relatives, or valuable property.


You are here because you have dogs. You probably know all about animals being seized but you are unlikely hear about this insidious movement until it’s too late. It is a horrific moral crime that is happening with increasing frequency.


You know all about “animal rights” but do you see it as a subversive political movement? Have you ever really thought about the real motive for putting animal rights above human rights? More to the point, do you know how profitable the confiscation racket is? And can you conceive of (property) seizure as a conditioning tool that could affect YOU even if you don’t own animals?


America is an animal-loving country. It’s in our genes just like the rebellious DNA that led us to strike out across the ocean in 1492. We risked it all to come to a “free world” where we had choices and the right to succeed or fail. Today Animal Rights has become a familiar subterfuge, a noble-sounding “cause” that in fact, suppresses Human Rights.


Animal Rights were recognized in the Qu’ran under Sharia{1} (Islamic law). That was a good thing, not the political weapon which today is used to subvert human rights and seize personal property. Stay with me while I reveal something that has recently come to light. It is called involuntary commitment and it is through animals that we are being conditioned.


You accept having to get a license ($) for your business, your car, your pet, etc. You accept regulations that force you to get your pets (and children) vaccinated ($) You have to keep your animals fenced in or be fined ($) and as a renter, to pay extra fees ($) if you own a pet. In most states, you have to be licensed to carry a handgun. The irony is that more than ever, we need guns to defend ourselves against marauding criminals because our law-makers (politicians) cannot protect us.


A social psychologist friend shared something that will shock you. Such “laws” are the groundwork for taking away other taken-for-granted rights. We are brainwashed into giving up the very freedom that Americans die to protect in other countries. We are being conditioned, trained like a trick dog. But it gets worse…


There was a recent survey in which one of the questions was whether or not there was a firearm in the home. There was also the standard question about the age range of persons living in the home. The hidden premise was that “older people” have “cognitive decline” and therefore should not have a firearm in the home.


Does that mean your 60 year-old mother who lives alone should be deprived of the Constitutional Right to protect herself? Brainwashing. Acceptance. 20 years ago no one would have believed that any local agency or “group” would have the power to seize a person's pets or livestock for any reason other than total neglect or cruelty. Today people with no veterinary skills can decide your pet is not being properly cared for and they can confiscate and sell it. Social workers with no medical training can decide your mother or grandmother needs to be “looked after” by professionals. She can be sent to a nursing home and her assets stripped to pay for her care.


Today people with no veterinary skills can decide your animals are not being properly cared upon which they can confiscate and sell them. Local judges may be complicit in the plot or simply too busy to care.


Today social workers with no medical training can decide your elderly mother needs to be “looked after” by professionals. She can be sent to a nursing home - and her assets stripped to pay for her care.


A decade ago we would have been outraged. Today we’ve been conditioned. We allow politicians to decide who is qualified to own a gun, or a pet, or to live alone. 8 out of 10 people accept that.


What in the world is happening to America?


Reference Information: {1} Sharia   ~   ii Second Amendment   ~    Political Tyranny eliminates the "unalienable” God-given rights of humans. EST 2002 © 1902


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