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Do you wear a mask when walking your dog? Does it really protect? Are animals immune to human virus like the Black Plague?? Is COVID-19 a plague or a political ii coup d'état?


January 12, 2021

Barbara "BJ" Andrews, Editor-In-Chief, SAAB


Several gorillas tested positive for coronavirus at the San Diego zoo. We will follow up on that because the implications are staggering...


A top military officer provided the correct term for a coup. Col. Harper pointed out that a viral assault would be doable, hard to trace, and that the ii National Security Branch of the FBI considered that possibility early-on.



… but we have laws against germ warfare. The Colonel didn’t laugh. He observed we have laws against murder and running red lights but that people get by with both. I got the point. He drove it home, saying “Germ warfare is effective and even with today’s monitoring capabilities, easily hidden.


He also pointed out that we had plagues before we had the medicines we have today. I’m not sure if there was a hidden meaning in that but I did some research. The first well-documented viral event was The Black Plague (bubonic) in the mid-1300s. It was carried by rodents, spread through their fleas and because we weren’t very sanitary back then, the bubonic plague killed over 25 million people.


Animals must have been immune. Livestock, dogs and thankfully cats (!) survived.


We made it through the Spanish flu in 1918 even though it infected 1/3 of the world’s population. Polio hit in the mid-50s and killed thousands in addition to crippling a whole generation. Then there was the 1991 Influenza that killed over 30 million people world-wide.


Now there’s COVID-19, a viral pneumonic plague. It is considered the most-deadly because it is carried by people (of which we have too many) AND it is easily spread by coughing or touching infected surfaces. Do I have your attention???


Think grocery store. COVID-19 is tough, resilient, and the virus survives best on plastic… Like your shopping cart and the plastic containers you put in it. Then there’s the checkout. Plastic conveyor. If the operator wears gloves, they are plastic. The bags are plastic. Your credit card is plastic!



Back to MASKS. Wear a cloth mask? It is not a guarantee against COVID-19 or any other airborne virus but better than nothing. Col. Harper said there’s nothing more dangerous than a FALSE sense of security and that I should point out that cloth face masks are not 100% effective against tiny virus particles, including the current coronavirus.


In fact, one medical site pointed out that cloth masks tend to trap and hold the virus, right up against your nose and mouth. So, what’s the alternative protection?


In 2019 the CDC said “…respirators with exhalation valves protect the wearer from SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.” Why aren’t they plentiful now…?


I did some research. Draw your own conclusion… “Before the pandemic, China already exported more respirators, surgical masks, medical goggles, and protective garments than the rest of the world combined, the Peterson Institute for International Economics estimated.” ~ NY Times July 2020


Which is better… (that is in short supply here) plastic face shield or a respirator? The Colonel mentioned something significant… why isn’t China flooding the market with those plastic face shields? They are simple to make and according to the CDC “people who interact with those who are deaf or hearing impaired may find that a face shield is better than a mask.” While cumbersome, most agree face shields are also more conducive to conversation and expression.


Hold your family and your pets close. Be thankful the animals, particularly food animals, are not affected. Which would be worse, being hungry or being without the comfort of your dog?


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