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Pairing perpetuates the species and some animals mate for life. Humans and dogs are NOT listed but as regards interspecies bonding, people and dogs rank highest!


July 13, 2021

Barbara "BJ" Andrews, SAAB Member lists Bald eagles, Eurasian beavers, Gibbons, Gray wolves, Macaroni penguins and Sandhill cranes as famous for bonding to form lifelong pairs. Other animals mentioned are Barn owls and Shingleback skinks (rare 2-headed lizard on left.) Fish fanciers will point out French angelfish but...


Notably, no ape, monkey or HUMAN species is listed as mating for life.


That fascinating fact could open a deep discussion as regards Creation vs. Evolution vs. interplanetary “seeding” as is propagated (no pun intended) by the Ancient Aliens series.  While that concept is debatable (which leads to high ratings) there can be no argument that the canine is indeed, Man’s Best Friend.


Friendships come and go. Marriage vows are broken. There are dishonest or downright treacherous people. There are human beings who murder other people, not out of uncontrolled, uninhibited anger but for $money. When you think about all that you are likely to agree that the domestic dog is the most honest, incorruptly loyal creature on the planet.


Actually, the more we learn about different species, the less we know… Scientists are still debating Darwin’s Origin Of Species - the omission of mankind and whether it pertains to land or ocean creatures, or both simultaneously!


There can be no debate over this astute observation. Dr. Roberta Lee’s degree in comparative religion led her to state “No, I don’t think that Dog is God spelled backwards, but more than anything God created, dog defines incorruptible goodness, loyalty and everlasting love.” ~


If you have read this far, you would surely agree that the love and loyalty demonstrated by the canine species is unique. Nothing like it exists on planet earth. Before you point out the human species, stop and think of kids gone bad and divorce statistics.


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