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Governor Huckabee was wrong and right. Wolves have no place in politics other than to set an example of proper pack behavior and respect.


June 11, 2018

Barbara "BJ" Andrews, SAAB Member


Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas, was on Fox News last week and for those who don’t know, he is the father of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, White House Press Secretary to President Trump.


They were talking about political correctness and it went something like this: Kathy Griffin, the not-funny comedian, had held up a bloody, severed head depicting President Trump and then went after Sarah Sanders on social media when the Press Secretary suggested she should apologize.


The Fox News host commented that disrespect for women and vulgarity has gotten even worse since the advent of social media. Governor Huckabee agreed, saying that a lot of the problem is that “in social media people can say things they would never say in public.” I smiled at that. Anonymity is a shield for cowards with sick psyches.


As I turned to walk out of the room the Governor said “people used to be raised differently” (how true!) and referring to the press, he said “some of these people were raised by a family of wolves instead of parents who taught their children respect for other human beings.


Frowning at the TV, I thought how out of touch we are with nature. In “olden times” people feared wolves. They told naughty children that “the big bad wolf” was gonna get ‘em if they didn’t behave. So I understood Governor Huckabee saying that but he was waaay mistaken in disparaging wolves. I looked it up.  According to Wikipedia “There are few historical records or modern cases of wolf attacks in North America. In the half-century up to 2002, there were eight fatal attacks in Europe and Russia, three in North America, and more than 200 in south Asia.


How ‘bout that?!! Most American wolf attacks on humans happen in a production studio.


But his comment stayed with me. I tried to imagine social misfits in a pack of wolves. Actually, that proved impossible… has it ever been studied? What about dogs? Certainly some are brighter than others but I’ve never witnessed smart dogs attacking dumb ones. There might be potential “trouble makers” but mother dogs see to it that pups conform to proper pack etiquette.


Is that the trouble with society today? No parental guidance? Or worse yet, the wrong kind of example by parents who should have been neutered before they could give birth? Social misfits themselves due to lack of proper parenting, they produce yet more children even less equipped with basic education and social graces.


Pouring another cuppa coffee, I thought how human beings are always fighting each other. The right side of my brain laughed. The left side went back to wolves…


Wolves, on the rare occasions that they don't get along despite a clearly established pecking order from the time they are cubs, settle a dispute quickly, and if necessary, “once and for all” which in Southern-speak means what it says.


I smiled to myself (what the hell, no one was watching) thinking of any political pack-leader making such an uninformed statement about wolves and how sad it is that we have drifted so far away from understanding nature.


No wonder we can’t understand each other!


Did you know the wolf pack represents the ultimate in democracy and sharing for the benefit of all? Oh they may snarl at each other (over food) but rarely do they fight. Nature decrees self-preservation. That’s why, like birds and beasts, we puff up and posture to avoid a fight. Politicians have made it an art form...


Governor Huckabee need not worry. His “cub” is taking challenges like a well-bred, well-raised lady with a smile - and an iron fist. EST 2002 © 1806



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