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When and where dogs became working partners with humans may be changed due to new advances in canine DNA sequencing but the origin of the dog remains a mystery.


December 7, 2022

Barbara "BJ" Andrews, Editor-In-Chief, SAAB Member


We can go to the moon and back. Computer models can take us back to where we humans were centuries ago but we STILL DON’T KNOW where dogs came from!



We know a lot about the mammoth and archeologists tell us that People (homo sapiens) survived two ice ages during the last 200,000 years but Archeology does not deal with where we came from. Ditto the plethora of quotes on where the dog came from.


During the Ice Age did we warm our shivering selfs by snuggling against the wolf’s 104.5 degree body or did we settle for a dog’s 101.5 degree warmth?


And when did our diet change from that of a simple herbivore to meat protein needed to feed a developing brain? Did we become carnivores by eating meat scraps from wolf kills?



Did we live in caves or had we learned to make brush “buildings” and tanned hide teepees that could be easily assembled wherever we happened to be? How long before we learned how to use animal hides for winter warmth?


You never thought about those unknowns? The point is that we still don’t know when, how or where the dog originated. There are of course, a lot of ‘studied’ opinions but a careful read reveals it is all supposition, not scientifically supported fact.


We couldn’t find a single credentialed study that definitively states Where, When, or If humans were created or if we evolved like animals and plants. There’s a ton of evidence on the development of other species like fish, birds, insects, even bacteria but there is next to nothing on the origin of humans or the domestic dog.


According to The New York Times “Two different ancient wolf populations contributed DNA to modern dogs.” Huh? What “modern dogs”? That doesn’t tell us much about us humans and even less on the origin of dogs. reports new research “suggests that dogs were domesticated in Siberia” about 23,000 years ago. Sooo? That’s not dog history, it is speculation and DNA be damned!


Wikipedia is a very trustworthy information source because it is “vetted” by experts in their fields. Here’s what Wikipedia says about the origin of the dog. “Genetic studies show that all ancient and modern dogs share a common ancestry and descended from an ancient, now-extinct wolf population – or closely related wolf populations – which was distinct from the modern wolf lineage.[3][4]


Well! That says nothing other than that humans, wolves and dogs knew each other. The “and” “or” qualifiers are significant to the non-answer.


Those of us who believe the domestic dog was a gift from The Creator OR that dogs descended from wolves is unproven. The phrase “distinct from the modern wolf lineage” is the giveaway. As a wordsmith, I get it. “Modern”? Was there some other wolf they don’t mention?


Is there any provable genetic link between the dog and the wolf?


Dogs and wolves share “about 98% of the same DNA…” The dog's similarity to the grey wolf is “said to be” the “result of substantial wolf-into-dog gene flow, with the modern grey wolf being the dog's nearest living relative.” That “said to be” qualifier is an obvious cop-out so forget all such silly statements.


It is simply an example of well-crafted words that say nothing. Another credible site says an extinct Late Pleistocene wolf {Ref #1}may have been” the ancestor of the dog.


The point is we know next to nothing about the origin of people or the domestic dog. Scholars proclaim things like “No doubt both people and wolves were isolated during the harsh climate of the Last Glacial Maximum.”" So? What does that have to do with the dog?



The difference between dogs and other canids is inarguable. Scientists have tried to make the wolf-to-dog DNA case whilst leaving out religious beliefs. They have failed.


Dr. Roberta Lee had a popular California radio show, held 4 PhD degrees and is on the NetPlaces Network SAAB Science And Advisory Board. She says there is not a single scrap of proof that dogs “evolved” from wolves. Dr. Lee, like many other credentialed scholars, believes the dog came from the Creator, not from wolves, coyotes, foxes or any other canid on earth.


Many mysteries remain unsolved in today’s hi-tech world so we can only speculate on the origin of the canine. DNA is no help and the only FACT we admit to is that we don’t know when or where dogs originated...


Referenced Wikipedia Information: {1} Pleistocene wolf ~ Origin of The Dog [3][4] EST 2002 © Dec. 2022



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