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Puppy mills, re-named High Volume Breeders by AKC, tap gloves with show and hobby breeders and it’s a knockout!


Sept 3, 2002

Barbara "BJ" Andrews, Editor-In-Chief


The odds are hard to beat!  AKC’s High Volume Breeders produce nearly 90% of AKC registered puppies according to Patti Strand and the HVBC.  Show/Hobby Breeders account for less than about 10% of registrations, even including Performance Dog breeders, i.e. Field Trial, Water Retrieving, Herding, etc. So, when laying the odds on this fight, you need to factor in at least 2% "bad” or irresponsible show breeders included in AKC's figures indicating responsible hobby breeders. 


Show Dogs vs Commercial BreederThat brings us down to less than 10% representing “us” dedicated breeders who care about health, proper breed type and temperament.  So are you still ready to place your bets?  Remember, the tough guys we call Commercial Breeders are churning out incredible numbers.  I flunked math but no matter how we run the numbers, it looks like about 90% of all AKC registered puppies come from puppy mills and/or people who only ever bred one litter and won't do so again. Not very good odds and when you factor in the Animal Rights Advocates, you know this is not a fair match.


Those Animal Rights advocates fight dirty, carry placards, go to rallies, destroy laboratories, and let show dogs out of their crates to be humanely killed on the interstate. They get TV time to rant about how Rats Have Rights. We think of them as whackos, fringe elements, but animal rights activists are worthy opponents who carry a mean left hook.


They might be likened to Muslim extremists in this regard; they can, they have, and they will hurt us. They are blowing up our institutional skyscraper along with our Constitutional rights.  Those who champion Animal Rights comprise a significant majority of people who are fighting for breeding laws and restrictions.  And since they help write the laws and wield enormous political and media power, they carry a powerful "left" hook.  You ready for weigh-in time?  Place your bets knowing they outweigh show and hobby breeders?  Sure, why not?


Look Out Show and Hobby Dog Breeders


LOOK OUT DOG BREEDERS, IT'S A KNOCKOUT PUNCHThere's a knockout punch coming from the No-Breeding section, and a left hook from the Commercial Breeders and the Animal Rights advocates who have teamed up against you!


If there were two bills on the House floor, one that banned breeding and one that opposed that bill, and your constituents were seated in the back rows, which legislative action would you support?  Okay, that’s a no-brainer.  In the one corner, you have Show/Hobby Breeders throwing soft punches at the Commercial Breeders.  We're on the ropes.  Wait!  Somebody signal the referee!  It is only the first round and already we spotted that low blow!


Trish Kanzler of Siberian Husky fame is one of the few exhibitors that ever unloaded on me about the Animal Rights group. She and her mother (an accomplished AKC judge) are extremely well informed on animal rights.  Trish said, "like it or not, the High Volume Breeders are here to stay and the animal rights people leave them alone..."  As an avid Iditarod fan (world-famous sled dog race) who races her dogs, Trish knows who is leading the race.,,


HOBBY SHOW BREEDERS AGAINST COMMERCIAL BREEDERS & NO BREEDING RIGHTISTSWe must stop wasting our energies on the wrong enemy. We better put on the gloves or however you want to characterize it and do our best to defeat Animal Rights.  Sure, the odds aren't good what with AKC refereeing. Perhaps we should just take up knitting as a hobby and quit messing with the dog sport.


Or we could lay down our preconceived notions and pick up our brains for that is the one weapon we must use if we are to succeed in this battle!  When someone asks “what’s your position?” on this or that, refer them to the objective reporting done by TheDogPress and to Legislative section or let them in on some Instant Information on ii Maurice Strong, HSUS & Agenda-21, then adjust your gloves and face the forces across the ring. EST 2002 0291531704r



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