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The Colonel says dogs are being dumped because news is dominated by COVID-19 even as ISIS threatens and politicians lied and vied for election…


Update Jan. 2021

Col. Sam Harper, Dogsport Reconnaissance


Last year the ISIS magazine al-Naba gloated over Covid-19. One of my active duty buddies said the buzz is that their leaders advised terrorists not to travel to “western countries to launch attacks.

Well, we won't be traveling anywhere with COVID 19 on every street corner but I have to wonder... Last May I asked a buddy if he had any sense on how ISIS feels about dogs? He laughed, said did I mean do they eat them? I grinned but it got me to thinking. What do we really know about these terrorists? My daughter is away this week but I’m okay with google so I did some checking.


Under Islam And Dogs {Ref #1} it says that “the majority of both Sunni and Shi'a Muslim jurists consider dogs to be ritually unclean and it is uncommon for practicing Muslims to have dogs as pets.


Wikipedia says “The majority of Muslim jurists consider dogs to be ritually unclean.” I assume that means they would never eat dog meat…


Not even a year ago I reported that an Islamic representative on The Hague city council called for the possession of dogs to be criminalized under Islamic Law. (see Ref #1) Then Britain banned dogs on public transit because Muslims refused to ride with the "unclean dogs." My daughter was having a fit, sent me more links, so I reported on the Islam Politics & Congress Women.


You still don’t hear much about them but in the field we’d say they are “laying low” for a reason. Could be they were told not to raise any controversy but on “May Day” last year, Aljazeera said Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, their “first Muslim woman to run for federal office” was being threatened and unfairly treated. Was there a meaning about the date?


Today we have our first female vice-president. You may remember in 1984 presidential candidate Walter Mondale chose Geraldine Ferraro as his running mate. I don't remember much about her but this lady, Kamala Harris, checks off a lot of catagories... confiscating guns being the one that worries anyone who ever read the U.S. Constitution. Check it out...

and think about the reason that the right to bear arms shoud never be infringed upon.


Last year I reported that officials banned police sniffer dogs at train stations so they didn't come into contact with Muslim passengers. Are we so politically correct that we risk the lives of our own citizens to placate an avowed enemy?


Which is more important, American freedom and security or the "rights" of people who want to destroy us?


Europe kicked security in favor of the political correctness that cost them a potential heir to the British crown. In Lérida, Spain, Islamic groups asked local officials to ban dogs from all areas frequented by Muslim immigrants, because of their Muslim beliefs {Ref #2} When I read that I wondered about all our guys out there still fighting for freedom.


To take away a harmless dog hobby is like imprisoning innocent people over COVID-19. Oh yeah, I forgot, we are doing that now!


The election of non-politician Donald Trump was a sign that Americans treasure the Freedom and the “Rights” our soldiers lay down their lives for. Then came the 2020 election, a discouraging message to our law enforcement officers. As you know, a lot of them took early retirement.



That leaves us under-protected both militarily and on our own soil. My concern was and is that with the bigger-than-you-know influx of Muslim refugees (or terrorists posing as refugees!) we could lose our American freedoms. My daughter said one of the first rights we’ll lose is the right to own and breed dogs! So now, a year later and we all know we've lost that and more in many cities.


She pointed out that COVID-19 has changed the dog show sport forever. I reminded her that it came from China. She nodded said that the virus changed our whole society, stopped close social contact of any kind...


I observed that the Chinese and the Islamics are smart, patient, and determined to systematically subvert our most fundamental rights and traditions in favor of "animal rights." President Trump made them shut up and lay low for a few years.


My daughter said to remind readers that our worst domestic enemy in the fight to preserve our basic right to own dogs was the CEO of HSUS. Huh? Haven't heard much about Pacelle over the last few years...


I remember her pointing out that Wayne Pacelle married “TV journalist Lisa Fletcher of Al Jazeera America”? I am not a big believer in "coincidence" when things form distinct patterns whether in the jungle or on a planning map. And what you DON'T see is exactly what’ll get you... Wayne Pacelle has “gone quiet.” Is his job done? Is it just coincidence that our culture is shifting? Is Al Jazeera still in the picture?


In 2019 a woman, Kitty Block, became president and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). I found this clipping from Activist Cash.


"...Under Block’s leadership, HSUS remains committed not to taking care of animals, but to the pursuit of an agenda designed to force people to go vegan. The organization expends its energy on ballot measures which will restrict the sale of meat, eggs, and dairy. While HSUS doesn’t run a single shelter, the organization constantly uses photos of dogs and cats in its advertisements and fundraising campaigns."


I had to think on that. We were dumb plant eaters until we watched the carnivores and learned to eat meat. So HSUS would have us regress to not giving our brains enough protein to help us think better? Well, they ain't getting my coffee...


 Just because Islam has gone quiet doesn’t mean they have given up smashing our beliefs and diminishing American freedom. I see a rough road ahead in 2021. I hope the new administration honors our soldiers and veterans as much as the Trump team did. And I trust that our state and local politicians are still indebted to America and not to some rich foreign interests.


Reference Information {#1} Islam, Dogs, Personal Rights  ~  {#2} Muslim Beliefs

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