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Military analyst says media focus on hijab-wearing congress women cleverly distracts from new legislative attacks on American tradition and dog owner discrimination.


September 3, 2019

Col. Sam Harper, Dogsport Reconnaissance

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"Should the religious or ethnic background of politicians worry dog owners?" When I posed that deliberately obtuse question, my daughter lifted an eyebrow, then murmured a few soft words to her newest interest, a tablet (since she dumped that loser).


In 3 seconds flat she informed me “Those Squad women, AOC in New York, Ilhan Omar in Minnesota and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, that one wears hijabs and everybody knows Muslims don’t like dogs!” Bingo! She read my mind.


I leaned over and read that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who is Muslim, “is the first Palestinian American woman to serve in the chamber” and that "the majority of both Sunni and Shi'a Muslim consider dogs to be ritually unclean and it is uncommon for practicing Muslims to have dogs as pets." Swiping the screen, she pointed to Wikipedia which said “The majority of Muslim jurists consider dogs to be ritually unclean.” She looked up at me, frustration showing from eyebrow to the set of her chin, and proclaimed “dog owners need to get this connection!


I smiled inwardly but obediently said “What connection” and of course she obliged me…


She spoke to her device again and Muslim Beliefs {Ref #1} came up, followed by the Hague city council (Islamists) calling for the possession of dogs to be criminalized {Ref #2}. I also spotted Lanting’s report on Britain's public transit ban on dogs because Muslims refused to ride {Ref #3} with the "unclean dogs."  She pointed at another article stating that police sniffer dogs at train stations are not allowed to come into contact with Muslim passengers! (see numbered links below.)


Thinking out loud, I wondered “Which is more important, America’s security or the “Rights” of an avowed enemy?”  I shouldn’t have asked, even rhetorically. After she went off on me for something "so stupid" she showed me that it’s not just here.


In Lérida, Spain, Islamic groups demanded local officials ban dogs from all areas frequented by Muslim immigrants, saying their presence violated the Muslim’s religious freedom. That made my blood pressure go up, thinking about all our guys out there right now fighting for religious and political freedom… We freed Europe and this is where Spain is today?


You might think that makes no sense but an enemy strikes where it hurts the most.  How many first-generation Muslims have infiltrated our state and local governments? She showed me that many breeds including personal protection dogs are increasingly outlawed in cities across America. That makes as much sense as allowing human feces on a California sidewalk and then freaking out over dog poop in the park. Unless you are a traditional Muslim.


My training says it isn’t "coincidence" when things form distinct patterns whether in the jungle or on a planning map. We are in a “beliefs” war and too damn proper to acknowledge it. Domestic or foreign, terrorists attack the places and traditions we value or visit most, like churches, schools, public transportation and now Walmart!


Come to think of it, could America’s love for dogs and keeping them in the house be an insult to Islamists? Be careful who and what you vote for in these mid-terms…


Think about this. The El Paso TX and Dayton OH attacks were reported as individual nut cases. The press blames these attacks on social media. They don’t tell you about the “dark web” and the “hate America” sites. Law enforcement is on top of such websites but there are too many targets and even the FBI and NSA can’t be everywhere at once.


I remember a report about the CEO of HSUS marrying a TV journalist for Al Jazeera America. When I mentioned that, my kid said, “Animal rights are only a tool to usurp human rights.” Surprised at her acuity, I thoughtfully agreed. I hope you pause long enough to think about this and the future of your children IF we fail to recognize the threat to our democracy.


Our kids haven't been taught American History for over 2 decades and colleges either ignore it or twist it.  These two facts were not easy to dig up.  Online sources have been scrubbed or politically-corrected. Politics aside, be careful about who and WHAT you are voting for in upcoming local elections. Also ask yourself why "American History" morphed into "Social Studies" while you were busy living one of the last remaining democracies.


I know this is too long but I’ll let it stand as an acknowledgement and Thank You to the soldiers and police “out there” protecting our way of life.


Editor’s fact checks: Psychology Today: Most Sunni and Shi'a Muslims consider dogs unclean. Pew Research: 2 Buddhists, 3 Muslims, 3 Hindus in 2019 Congress.  Wikipedia: HSUS CEO marries "TV journalist Lisa Fletcher of Al Jazeera America".  Islamists, commonly known as Muslims, are the world's second-largest religion with over 1.8 billion followers or 24% of the world's population. ~ Islam - Wikipedia


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Reference: {1} Muslim Beliefs  ~  {2} dogs to be criminalized  ~  {3} Muslims refuse to ride with unclean dogs EST 2002 © 1908



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