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Mary Wild was sentenced today in what one handler called "a shocking mockery of justice" in the gruesome deaths of her show dogs.


July 1, 2010 | TheDogPress

Barbara "BJ" Andrews, Editor-In-Chief

and Mark Schnyder, KMOV-TV


DOG HANDLER MARY WILD SENTENCEDWild faced 8 years in prison for causing the gruesome death of her vanload of show dogs. A former friend of the Wild family summed it up this way "I've known Mary Wild for years.  It was no accident, it was gross neglect and prison is nothing compared to what those dogs went through before they finally died."


The Dog world waited nearly a year for justice, through delay after delay.  Finally, the day of sentencing by Judge Raymond Dickhaner.  We will have a dog person's report from the Missouri courtroom, but in the meantime, Mark Schnyder, the KMOV-TV reporter who covered the Mary Wild case from day one give us his reaction below.  And next week, the interview with Monica Colvin whose Akita died in Mary's care.


If there is anyone who doesn't know how this all started, please, before you read about Wild's sentence and how it all came down, go to MARY WILD CHARGED, the story begins... and you will understand why very few, other than Mary's family, her attorney, and the judge feel justice was served.


And then there's this: Code of Ethics for Registered Handlers.  Mary Wild was NOT an AKC registered handler but had she applied, she should have had to sign this, the very first section...

I agree to: Ensure that the welfare of the dogs in my care is a priority, not only at dog shows but at home and on the road. Their well-being, security, and safety is to be placed above all other business considerations. The ultimate responsibility for the dogs cannot be transferred to assistants or others.

Obviously the welfare of the dogs was not a priority for Wild.  Incredibly Mary Wild and her mother have sent out an email suggesting the only reason she was charged was because of the junior handler and her father writing crazy letters to the judge.  The dogs were Mary's responsibility and AKC registered handler or not, no blame for anything can be shifted to the teenager.

Read the upcoming interview with Monica Colvin, owner of Ch. Jersey, the top winning female Akita that was entrusted to Mary Wild.


The Dog Press has worked with Mark Schnyder, a reporter at KMOV-TV [here] from the beginning of the Mary Wild case.  It's only fitting that he tell it as he saw it, and with measured restraint.


25-year old Mary Wild cried a bit as she read a prepared statement to the judge before her sentencing.  After being convicted of eight counts of animal abuse a month ago in the deaths of 7 show dogs she left in a hot van in front of her house a June night last year, Mary said she was making a heartfelt apology to the owners of the dogs who died in her care.  She said she would have never knowingly hurt the dogs and with live with this the rest of her life and she is sorry.


She was not interested in speaking to us afterwards but her lawyer Brad Dede did.  He said Mary's life has changed and she has learned her lesson.  That's something some show dog owners aren't quite ready to believe.  But Dede went on to say he believes Mary Wild still has something to offer the dog show world, even if she can't be in it.  Perhaps she could educate young handlers on not making the mistake she made.


Some would argue anyone with common sense wouldn't have made the mistake she made.  The people who's lives she changed by destroying their dogs because of her bad judgment do not appear to be filled with hate.  Not the three owners who showed up in the courtroom today at least.  One guy actually said he'd let Mary take care of a dog in the future.  Another said she would like to see Mary banned for life by the American Kennel Club.  That could very well happen.


In sentencing Mary, the judge said he felt having her sit in a county jail would serve no purpose.  Neither would picking up trash on the side of the road for community service.  Instead he wants her doing her time helping out at the Jefferson County Animal Control Center.  Since it's clear she didn't intentionally kill the show dogs, he thinks she has something to offer with her expertise in caring for dogs her entire life.


TV reporter Mark Schnyder, who followed the entire case, had this to say "I would have loved to speak with Mary and hear in her own words why she did what she did and how this has changed her.  I don't count reading a brief, prepared statement before the court, (likely written by someone else) as really speaking to what happened.


"Like Mary said in her statement though, she'll live with this for the rest of her life.  I believe that.  How could she not.  I hope she can go on and do some good in the world."


Wild was represented by Bradley Dede .  Read the interview with Jefferson County Prosecutor, Mr. Forrest K. Wegge and you will understand why everyone expected she would go to jail for extreme animal abuse.  Mr. Wegge told The Dog Press “She has been charged with eight individual counts of animal abuse.  Each is a Class A misdemeanor punishable by up to 1 year in jail, a $1,000 fine, or both.”  It was the D.A.'s decision to charge Mary Wild that way, indicating a strong case from the beginning.


Get more information and dig for gold below.  Mary Wild Coverage in chronological order.

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Mary Wild's Probation Revoked TheDogPress will continue to provide the net’s most complete coverage on the Mary Wild case. EST 2002 © 0971451605r6





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