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Research is golden and one thing is for certain.. spychips are here and what they can and can't do at the moment is an ever changing scenario!


May 2006|

Vickie Haywood, Dog Sports Editor


inserting a microchip allows tracking and identification of your dogYears ago, Computer Technology was something that really big business and the government had. The very first computer at Moss Bow (our east coast dog show super) was huge… it took up an entire room of its very own. The computers there now are networked and sit on desks just like in your own home.


In a matter of less than 10 years time, we are on our 3rd family computer, each one bigger better faster. In total there are 4 working computers networked in my home.... for 3 adults who are all online at the same time. Thank GOD I have a son who is in Microsoft school and can build, fix, create just about anything his mommy wants with a computer. His teachers have military contracts, are retired or active military and have THE SMARTS.


Now about SPYCHIPS: What we have at the moment is in its infancy. The technology is out there and patents are pending on much more technology. Yes, at this very moment chips need readers close by. A matter of a few inches and in some cases a few feet. Just as your Car Key only works from a few yards away, RFID readers of the moment need a reader and the antenna and must be close to each other. BUT the technology is out there whereby a satellite can unlock your car door if the car is outfitted that way.


The future of microchip technology? Endless, just as the internet is endless and like the internet, the safeguards were not put in place before we all got online, thus hacking and virus's. The glory of technology is that it is designed to be made better.


There are thousands of people who delight in breaking into the technology and indeed hackers are paid big bucks to break into secure networks, to make them safer.  The government has employees who do nothing all day but sneak into the back doors of web sites and look for spies, signals, signatures, encrypted messages, all kinds of "SPY" stuff. Don't ask me how I know this.. if I tell you I will have to kill you. It is the stuff of BOND, James Bond.


So taking into consideration what we know about the internet, and what we know has already happened with the RFID chips, we can only speculate what the future will hold in the spying arena.  Especially with microchips as they learn to read and relay information.


If information about you exists in a database anywhere, it is ripe for hacking, or selling. The premise of RFID microchip technology is simply the collecting of information about shoppers. It gives me the creeps to think there might be a microchip "tag" on something I buy, say using my debit card, and that information is now uploaded from the tag to the cash register (computer) with my debit card info and sits in a database for future reference.


It gives me the creeps to think that a credit card in my purse might possibly be encrypted with a . (read that as dot-sized) sized chip that can be read when I walk through the door of a shopping mall, and every door into every store reads that microchip "tag" I might be wearing or carrying.


Now here is what is worth getting the creeps over. All that information collected by various kinds of microchips! Just sitting out there in space waiting for someone to come along with the knowledge to "steal" the information (i.e. hack it) and do GOD only knows what with it.  They probably don't even have to steal what's on those microchips, privacy is a commodity today.


A long time ago, my father the military man, was just paranoid enough to be worried about the nuclear threat, and had just enough Navy knowledge to be worried about the computers of the future. He saw disasters in the future and indeed there have been many. He had enough binary knowledge to be afraid. You should be too. A friend says I am chicken little "the sky is falling" I don't think so. With microchip implanted, I worry about my dogs being the source of tracking me and my family!


I am very glad I am currently living a low profile life where by no one knows who I am or where I live or anything else about me.


Ha! What a joke! The minute you access the internet you are no longer in inanimate being. With the advent of RFID chipping, not only will your internet use be tracked by someone, your regular daily habits will also be available.


Vickie HaywoodLet us hope that the technology to BLOCK the RFID (that stands for Radio Frequency I.D.) will advance at the same pace. I recommend reading the SPYCHIP book, and staying abreast of the daily advances by using your internet to read and decide for yourself. Try SPYCHIP.COM and to stay abreast. Any time you get a the politicians OUT who are in favor of microchipping our animals, our kids, and us; knowing everything about us there is to know.


Get educated.  Microchips are something to think about, from my side of the fence.


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