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Haywood reveals the microchipping future, tracking you and your pets with implanted chips. Money connection to AKC, Santorum & PAWS? Chips ahoy!


February 2006

Vickie Haywood, Dog Sports Editor


I am fast becoming known as an AKC basher but I cannot help what keeps falling into my lap via public domain. Before we discuss micro chipping and Santorum, a quick look at AKC's connection in selling products with 4Kids entertainment and other mass market kids entertainment. They have expanded the agreement from 2003 with AKC and they are now developing an expanded line of AKC Blue Ribbon products.... not limited to but including pet grooming products pet beds and crates, AKC kennel enclosures (sold at Tractor Supply), and stuffed animals.


So what else does the AKC have going on??? Well...What about this micro chipping thing? We talked earlier about the RFID chips being sold in Europe: mandatory chipping of European pets crossing borders with these satellite tracking chips and all that. The chips are made in Florida, owned by a company in Pa, where our dear friend Rick Santorum is from! AKC has to be in bed with Rick, CAN YOU CONNECT THE DOTS HERE???? Tommy Thompson promised back in July to get implanted with one and hasn't done it yet.. READ THIS WHILE IT IS STILL AVAILABLE Editor’s note: online pages get changed, revised, links don’t work, etc.


The company is working on a deal with the government to implant our military personnel (wow SHOW ME THE MONEY on that one!) and Rick Santorum turned in pages of budget plans last summer that directly recommended USDA integrate a microchip implanting system of ALL ANIMALS.


RFID chips as discussed previously in HEADlines and the very same sold to Portugal.  Now, only about 60 of these microchips have been implanted in living humans, although some were used in the deceased during the hurricane Katrina clean up.  I guess to I.D. the bodies.  Anyway, microchips have the capability of being read without your knowledge ... and of being placed in things you might not know they are in. The placement would allow the manufacturer of, let’s say a fine leather coat, to track you and your daily habits while wearing the coat … for marketing strategy. Hmmm?


I can see some real benefits to having some animals microchipped.  I can see some real lifesaving benefits to having Grandma in the nursing home chipped. Her medical records could be made immediately available through the chip and if she were to wander away she could be tracked. Hmmmm. If my show dog were to escape, there is a possibility that he could be tracked and rescued by some sort of GPS system in those spy satellites up there. For a PRICE; of course.


BUT do you REALLY want big brother to be able to track your pets anytime, anywhere???? Do you really want Big Brother and sister AKC to be able to see into your home and know what your dogs are doing every second of every day? I can see it for cows, i.e. mad cow disease and all that jazz.... BUT...


Do YOU want to be implanted so that Big Brother (or a prospective employer) can get your medical records, and track YOU and know where you are and what you are doing???  What about your insurance company? What if you needed an MRI?  Would it impair the MRI machine? What if you were hospitalized and needed telemetry?


What has happened to privacy laws?


Is AKC on the verge of changing everything as we know it in the world of dogs??? This is NOT the AKC of the 1960's or 70's or even the 80's anymore..... I am becoming more and more frightened of where the AKC is going with its mass marketing, money making projects that appear on the surface to be one thing, but that may be something else entirely. They have learned to be the consummate spin doctors! Comes from an alliance with the politicians, or vice-versa?


This microchip thing is worrisome.  They already have CAR (Companion Animal Recovery) in place. I am all for permanent identification of breeding dogs. I am all for DNA. I am all for insuring the pedigree they charge me for is the real deal, not a fraudulent document on a piece of worthless paper.


But microchip is like a camera in my bed room for GOD sake! The equivalent of US inspectors in my dog business, for which I am quite sure we will have to pay ... NOPE!!!!!!!! GONE TOO FAR!!  Connect the DOTS people.


Vickie HaywoodThe dog world is an apathetic group just sitting back and saying PAWS will not affect me....




You better be keeping up because AKC is moving faster than the speed of light!!!  WAY beyond any registration body selling fraud through the mail and over the internet.... AKC is fast becoming the burketts lymphoma of the dog world, sticky little tentacles going everywhere; deeper and deeper into the body of America and it will eventually kill…. AKC needs a good dose of Chemo Therapy!


I really don't want to slay the dragon ... but the dragon needs some obedience lessons.  Microchips.  Already problems at the injection site and that is probably just the beginning.  Just a little something to think about from my side of the fence.


Next up, part 2.. SPYCHIPS REVISITED EST 2002 © 0605



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