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Animal Rescues, Raids


Motives for impounding (seizing) animals depend on who conducts the rescue, whether warrants were issued, cruelty charges filed and arrests made.


March 2014 | TheDogPress

compiled by staff and field reporters


Cherokee County GA RescueIn most animal rescue cases, there is visible evidence of serious abuse but in other instances, frightened, confused owners "voluntarily" give up valuable animals. Many such confiscations appear to be the result of low shelter inventory, unwanted competition from rescue groups, or publicity-motivated actions designed to bolster donation/adoption drives.


CT State Animal Control Arrests “Nick Of Time” rescue operator from GA. Donna Lee Caswell charged with animal cruelty and 28 counts relating to “illegal pet adoption service” in sting operation. Following complaints, undercover officers set up a parking lot meeting pretending to want a dog. She was charged based on the Animal Control supervisor’s observation that it appears the dogs and cats were not let out of their crates on the trip and that “dogs were lying in their own waste in these small crates.” Caswell was carrying 10 cats and 2 dogs. Caswell’s adoption coordinator in MD told Fox News “Caswell goes into shelters and saves the cats and dogs that other rescues leave behind.” According to Caswell, Georgia is a kill state so she takes shelter animals north to find good homes. While purebred dogs and cute mongrel puppies have monetary value, no one buys stray cats so she could not have been doing this for money. In fact two of the cats were immediately euthanized. The Animal Control supervisor stated “To lawfully operate in Connecticut, rescue groups need to be licensed with the state and make sure animals brought into the state see a vet within 48 hours of entrance to the state” and she faces jail time in State Superior Court. Read more: woman-charged-with-animal-cruelty


Cherokee County GA Rescue - Authorities rescued 19 Great Pyrenees and Shetland Sheep dogs and arrested Rud Tietjen on 20 counts of animal cruelty. 55 year old Tietjen (not related to esteemed dog show judge Sari Teitjen) showed dogs during the late 1980s through the mid-'90s. WSB-TV reports "The dogs were emaciated and showed signs of serious neglect. The officers found dog carcasses, bones, rancid meat and feces on the property." If you recognize this man and have additional information, we invite you to comment and we will do a follow up. The evidence in this case is convincing, names released, charges filed, photos.  19-dogs-rescued-filthy-home


Pender County NC Raid - ABC news affiliate reported "nearly" or "more than" 80 animals were taken from a "suspected puppy mill" after "someone" complained of a sick dog. There is no visible evidence of abuse or neglect and no charges were filed. There is however, a video and comments by Humane Society of the United States state director Kim Alboum. Rescued were dogs, chickens, cows and a goat which HSUS says "have a variety of not only physical problems but mental issues, too." Local people (blog) said the owner had the bulldogs in air-conditioning and that the owners did not abuse or neglect their animals.  Nearly-80-animals-taken-from-purported-pender-puppy-mill Note: the station carefully stated “purported” and there was no follow-up.


AL, MS, GA, TX Dog Fighting Ring Update "A 14th suspect in a multi-state dog fighting ring spanning Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Texas was arrested on Monday and 37 dogs were seized." Visible in the AP photo of pit bulls chained to individual dog houses is one Great Dane. “Arrested on dog fighting charges in this ongoing FBI investigation was David Bernard Grace of Dothan, AL. The investigation, assisted by HSUS, resulted in the rescue of over 450 dogs, said to be the second largest in U.S. history.” An indeterminate number of dogs are being cared for in "HSUS’ temporary shelter in an undisclosed location" and presumably will be offered for adoption. As in the Michael Vick case covered by TheDogPress, not only must the dogs be psychologically evaluated but adoptees must be carefully screened and educated.


Boston (Quincy) MA Cruelty Arrest - Radoslaw Artur Czerkawski, 32, an illegal immigrant from Poland, was charged with 11 counts of animal cruelty in connection with the “Puppy Doe” case, so called when a female pit bull was found near death in a playground. Each charge is a felony which carries up to a 5 year sentence. The dog's grievous condition which ultimately resulted in euthanasia, raised a public outcry on Facebook and sparked donations of over $50,000. She was a skeleton "the tongue had been purposefully split. She had additionally been burned on the nose, stabbed in the eye, and beaten so severely that she could barely walk." Thank you Animal Rescue League of Boston.


Kansas City MO Animal Cruelty Torch HorrorKansas City MO Animal Cruelty Torch Horror - In a particularly disturbing case, Adrienne Martin, wrote on Facebook, "I'm on killa mode" It appears she did just that, torching her dog, tying him up and apparently pouring gas over him. This case is especially frightening because she had a previous charge of "endangering the welfare of a child" for which she received only a year of probation.


While unwarranted (literally) raids are taking place every day, this case represents a complete failure of the justice system to take action on a person's apparent psychosis and detachment from reality. Animal lovers can only hope she receives the treatment she needs and the punishment she deserves.


Gates County NC Seizure – “More than 115 animals were rescued from a Gates County property that the Humane Society suspects is a puppy mill.” WAVY shows a 30 second video showing nothing but crated dogs loaded in the back of a van. About 40 dogs and more than 75 other animals were rescued from a small farm after a complaint about an emaciated horse. The Humane Society of the United States and SPCA joined the local Sheriff who served a search and seizure warrant on the property. Seized were “a variety of small-breed dogs and puppies” and presumably the cats, mini ponies, bunnies, turkeys and chickens. Some dogs were found living outside without proper shelter, others were living inside a building "filled with filth." Gates County Sheriff Edward Webb told the rescued dogs were not in bad condition, but the conditions they were living in were "deplorable." He is quoted as saying the property owner surrendered the animals, that they are well known and respected in the local community and "Not that these folks didn't love their animals," Webb said. "It got to be too much."


Thus far, no charges have been filed against the owners of the animals. We are told this is the 15th “puppy mill rescue in North Carolina that the HSUS has been involved in since June 2011.” Characterizing people who run a farm with other livestock (not confiscated) as a “puppy mill” would seem to contradict the Sheriff’s assessment of the owners. Humane and “Rescue” groups are quick to label everyone from whom they take valuable animals as “puppy mills” but it is not (yet) illegal to breed animals. Unless substantiating charges are filed, the family may have legal recourse for slander.  north-carolina/animals-seized-from-suspected-puppy-mill


Rescue Raids: Confiscation Racket See how some "humane groups" seize and sell valuable animals.  It is indeed a "racket", actually, in many cases, it is outright theft.



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