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Authoritative historical documentation on AKC and puppy mills, re-defined as High Volume Breeders because millers are of more $$$ value than hobby breeders who register fewer litters.


When exposed the long relationship between the AKC, Andrew Hunte, and puppy mills in 2009, AKC countered with the claim that the American Kennel Club needed puppy mills to survive. With the ugly secret out, what did the American Kennel Club do to correct it? AKC re-defined puppy mills as "high volume breeders" (HVB) and tasked judge/AKC Board member Patti Strand with convincing the dog fancy that was necessary and acceptable.


Why would any business betray what it claims as its Core Constituency?  Simple. Because puppy mills are of more financial value than “responsible breeders” who produce less income for AKC.


"Responsible Breeder" is a term originally "trademarked" by in 1998.  The term was subsequently appropriated by the American Kennel Club in mid-2011. Therefore what was once correctly called a "puppy mill" can today claim the AKC title of responsible breeder and even AKC Breeder Of Merit. Yes, even puppy millers can get AKC Champion titles.


Hobby Breeder is by definition, the opposite of commercial breeders who mass produce puppies "responsibly" or otherwise.  A hobby breeder studies canine health, genetics, and reproduction and competes in dog shows, obedience, field, or performance events.


LOOK OUT DOG BREEDERS, IT'S A KNOCKOUT PUNCHBefore AKC betrayed its avowed "core constituency" by stating that commercial breeders were needed to satisfy demand, hobby breeders met 95% of the demand for purebred dogs.


Before AKC abandoned hobby breeders, people bought from local breeders and owning a "registered" purebred dog was a mark of distinction.


Now "High Volume Breeders" supply nearly 90% of purebred puppies, aided by AKC's "Petland Deal" which opened an international market for purebred pet shop puppies.


DNA background: When the United Kennel Club (UKC) pioneered the use of DNA to verify parentage, AKC was forced to also offer DNA testing. 


The Puppy Mills took serious exception to DNA pedigree verification and formed their own registries. The result was that "Registered" became synonymous with purebred and the pet shops had them...  So to win back the bulk of its registration income, AKC offered secret deals and inducements to puppy mills, from reduced fees to free Federal Express service, to (bulk) registering dogs of questionable parentage and finally, the Petland Contract. 


AKC ignored the outrage from hobby breeders and in an apparent move to further lock down the puppy mill market, the American Kennel Club developed the PRIME software program for pet shops. (see below)


Originally founded in 1884 for the betterment of pure bred dogs, most would agree that the American Kennel Club has changed its focus to "all about the money" and open disregard for hobby breeders.  As continued to expose egregious violations of the American Kennel Club's Mission Statement, the AKC solution was predictable.  The American Kennel Club changed the Mission Statement, repeatedly... This is the most recent American Kennel Club Mission Statement


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First, the instant legal definition of ii Puppy Mill, an oft-used term.

2018 Remember Hunte's political funding and retribution revealed in Puppy Mills Forgotten in 2018 mid-term elections...


2015 Puppy Mills Index was so long we gave Petland Pet Shops its own index!


2014 read about puppy mill auction dog No. 18 and understand why this section is important.


2011 Hunt Puppy Mill History includes shocking updates on AKC collusion.


2011 AKC Branding Purebred Dogs sends you to the shelter instead of a breeder.


2011 Hunt Trucking No relation to Andrew Hunte, of the infamous Hunte Puppy Mill.


2011 Backbone Gone? Will you support the sport after reading this?


2010 If you're not an Insider Subscriber click here to SubscribeInsiders only on AKC's Letter to Puppy Mills   re special services, reduced rates, etc. from "the new AKC."


2009 PRIME! First peek at AKC’S Secret Pet Shop Software to facilitate registrations.


2009 Presidential Salaries and princely perks for pushing puppy mill produce!


2009 If you're not an Insider Subscriber click here to SubscribeInsiders only on AKC's PRIME Software more on software developed for pet shops and puppy mills.


2008 AKC-Petland Deal Outrage Delegates, Judges & Breeder letters to TheDogPress force retreat.


2008 USDA Definition Of Animal Dealer Excludes Puppy Mills. Why AKC flobbied for PAWS.


2008 Open Letter To AKC Breeder-Judge refutes CEO's justification for AKC's puppy mill support.


2008 AKC's Register Anything Puppy Mill as it ignores foundation to favor its biggest customer.


2008 Update On AKC-Hunte Puppy Mill Deal Investigator McNeal's report isn't pretty.


2008 AKC Silent on Registering Unregistered Dogs A "new service" blocks breeders from genetic research.

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2007 Argument For Puppy Mills  AKC says Puppy Mills perform public service.


2006 Hunte Truck Fire Kills 60 puppies locked in cages, on the way to New England pet shops.


2006 If you're not an Insider Subscriber click here to SubscribeInsiders only on AKC's Inducement Letter To Puppy Mills If only you were a puppy mill - What a deal!


2006 AKC's Petland Contract defended by Connie Vanacore who provides interesting statistics.


2006 If you're not an Insider Subscriber click here to SubscribeInsiders only on Hunte & Hunt TheDogPress publishes State documents revealing trucking partnership.


2006 AKC Buys PAWS? Donates $29,000 To Rick Santorum in one trip.


2005 AKC's History & Future a synopsis of how the sport - and dog farming, i.e. Puppy Mills developed.


2002 Hobby vs Commercial Breeders, it's a knockout punch!


2002 Puppy Protection Act Defeated by Patti Strand, HVBC chair.  Read with open eyes.


2002 If you're not an Insider Subscriber click here to SubscribeInsiders only on AKC's High Volume Breeders Committee exclusive interview with chairperson Patti Strand


2002 State Forbids Puppy Mill Photos and for any doubters, a Copy of Amended Amendment


2002 THE REINWALD REPORT reveals the truth about Puppy Mill Power in Missouri.


2002 If you're not an Insider Subscriber click here to SubscribeInsiders only on "Lets Support The Puppy Mills" All-Breed Judge applauds the AKC/Hunte Alliance.


2001 Legal Puppy Mill Weapon Judge Baxter's simple plan might still work today.


2001 If you're not an Insider Subscriber click here to SubscribeInsiders only on AKC-Hunte Meeting!  the worlds biggest registry and the world's biggest puppy mill finally shake hands publically. denotes Insider Files


2000 Puppy Mills - AKC's Best Product?  They make big money for AKC, not hobby breeders.


1990 AKC Enterprises the new direction a powerful, wealthy company takes.

AKC & Hunte Puppy Mill History

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