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Petland is a "PRIME" outlet for Hunte Corporation and other commercial puppy producers. i.e. puppy mills - ii Puppy Mill Definition


AKC created PRIME software for point of sale registrations for commercially bred pet shop puppies, many of which are shipped world-wide.  This information is presented for educational purposes.  Readers should independently research any perceived Petland Pet Shops affiliation with the American Kennel Club.  Begin with Instant Information on ii Petland Corporation


Petland - AKC Sold Us Out

AKC smiled and sold us out to the puppy mills, Hunte, Petland Pet Shops, etc2006 The ultimate treachery, TheDogPress breaks the story.


AKC Petland Puppy Mill Contract

Multi-Group judge comments (Insiders Only)


Impact of the AKC/Petland Contract

O'Connor's Overview


In Defense of Petland Pet Stores

Judge upset by our Petland coverage.


Letters To AKC on Petland Contract

readers demand AKC cancel the contract.


Petland Outrage Letters

TheDogPress readers pile on, forcing AKC to retreat.  So with a sheepish grin...


AKC Rescinds Petland Contract

You won.  Or so we thought... but the American Kennel Club's betrayal was only beginning..


Letters keep going to AKC and we think Petland is deadOpen Letter to Mr. Ron Menaker

AKC Board Chairman questioned on moral integrity.  Then in 2010, this publication furnished subscribers with a copy of


AKC's Letter To Puppy Mills

offering "High Volume Breeders" special services, reduced rates, incentives...


That didn't set well but AKC went very quiet and there wasn't much news for well over a year


And then breeders, judges, and especially delegates who had been kept in the dark - everyone (!) was shocked when we revealed that the American Kennel Club had gone far beyond the Petland contract.  That's when TheDogPress uncovered PRIME, the pet shop software puppy mill deal...


In Your Face, the supreme insult to dog breeders

PRIME! For Pet Shops!

AKC’S Secret Pet Shop Software Exposed by TheDogPress


AKC's PRIME Software

view point-of-sale registration and "inventory" program for pet shops.


AKC Papers & Petland!

After the Petland deal, do you think the AKC cares about you?


If you want the rest of the story and how all of this impacts YOU as a hobby breeder explore below. EST 2002 #111202s157


I am a puppy mill crop headed for a pet shop display window Puppy Mill - Index 

A chronological view of the effects puppy mills have on the wellbred purebred.

ii Petland Corporation


AKC & The Hunte Puppy Mill History

Primary Registry and Puppy Producer

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