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Horse Racing Cruelty Survey


If you love dogs you probably love horses so we asked for your input on using animals in entertainment, including dog sports and your comments were enlightening!


June 25, 2019 | Survey subscribers know that we do not support the politically motivated “Animal Rights Movement” but our reporters do pay attention. My friend Karen Dawn is a great source of logical and unbiased animal rights/animal cruelty information. This month Dawn Watch highlighted horse racing and it hit home.



We rarely do reprints but she covered an ongoing tragedy so well, ii NetPlaces Network made an exception. With permission, we share this condensed report and the following New York Times newspaper excerpt.


The Sports Wednesday lead story, "Racing to Oblivion" … is by Joe Drape. He tells us: "Horses have been dying in high numbers at a premier track and while nobody knows exactly why, the treatment of the animals -- before, during and after racing -- is under the harshest scrutiny in years."


"Nearly 10 horses a week, on average, died at American racetracks in 2018, according to the Jockey Club's Equine Injury Database. That's a fatality rate that is anywhere from two and a half to five times greater than in the rest of the racing world.


"Outside of the United States, medications for racehorses are strictly regulated, policed and punished, according to the Jockey Club, among the oldest and most influential organizations in horse racing. Cracking down on drugs is essential, reformers say, because the drugs allow horses to run unnaturally fast and mask pain, which leads to more breakdowns.


"This is a crisis for people in the sport whose livelihoods depend on the breeding and nurturing, and the buying and selling, of racehorses." provided the link to the horse racing deaths article and says:

People who have been reading DawnWatch know that I am much more excited about the kind of questions being asked about horse racing by the young hosts at Sports Illustrated, such as "Why is this even still a thing?" as opposed to how can we make it less lethal. The story gives us a great opportunity to question the use of animals in entertainment. (offsite link, copy and paste URL into your browser) agrees but with the caveat that many animals are better cared for by ranchers, breeders, animal parks, and breed preservation projects than they would or could be in the wild.  That said, we seek YOUR opinion on Horse Racing AND other animal sports such as dog shows, obedience and field trials, the latter being somewhat comparable to horse racing.


Your comments are invited in the cruelty survey below.  Please enter your first and last name and email (for our internal reference and validation that you are a person, not a machine).  Note: Email addresses are never divulged or shared by any NetPlaces Network site. To move within the form, tab or click into each box.


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Do you show in breed, obedience, agility or field trials?

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Do you think horse related events are cruel?

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How do you feel about animal performance events in general?

(ie; circuses, fairs, rodeos and sea mammal performances). Tell us in 50 words or less.


Check out some of the best responses in our follow-up report, Horse Racing Cruelty Responses *note* we used names for authentication.


Here is what dog breeders, handlers, and judges had to say is wrong with the sport of purebred dogs today and Why Dog Shows Are Failing... EST 2002 1904


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