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Horse Racing Cruelty Survey Responses


We needed your input on using animals in entertainment including dog sports and here's what you had to say about racing and animal cruelty.


July 15, 2019 | Survey Responses subscribers know that we do not support the politically motivated “Animal Rights Movement” but our reporters do pay attention. My friend Karen Dawn is our best source of measured, logical and unbiased animal rights or animal cruelty information. This month highlighted horse racing and it hit home.


Response was excellent when we asked our subscribers their opinion on Horse Racing Cruelty AND other animal sports such as dog shows, obedience and field trials, the latter being somewhat comparable to horse racing.


Everyone that answered is in the sport of dogs and 100% said that horse related events WERE NOT CRUEL!  The best responses were selected for follow-up regarding "Live Animal Performances".


Kathryn Smith "If it's not done RIGHT, it's WRONG."


Emily Garrett "I support animal performance events. I participate in dog and horse sports. Anything can be taken to an extreme, so if there are more deaths occurring at race tracks and continuing to rise, then it certainly needs to be studied and a cause needs to be identified."


Peggy Atchley "I was a groom on race tracks for 15 years, and I have to say that 95% of the horses there are treated like the trainers kids, with good care and attention. Of course there are some trainers who over-use drugs and keep horses running with injuries, which causes breakdowns."


Deborah Hays "I have enjoyed animal performance events my entire life. Dog events show us what dogs can do, and we admire them even more. As for livestock shows at fairs - they satisfy the "farmer" in me. The 4-H Fair livestock shows are especially rewarding to watch."


Denise Kamine "I think performance events are entertaining and I truly believe animals like to do what they are doing or they won’t do it..."


Bonni Bailey "If the animal is thriving and happy then OK. If they are being severely punished and such then absolutely not. Only domesticated animals and never wild."


Dee Snoble "I think in general animals are well treated. I do agree that use of drugs in horse racing needs to stop. I am very unhappy to see dog racing being stopped by the likes of PETA. We in dog sports need to stop this trend or none of us will have our animal sports for much longer."


Missy Roach "I've always loved dog shows, horse shows and horse races. I enjoy some zoos, like the NC zoo where the animals are not in cages but are kept in their natural habitats as much as possible. I even enjoyed watching animals perform at the circus."


Joyce Enlow "I think if we allow animal rights zealots to take over we are in big trouble. I love to watch purpose bred animals do the jobs they love to do."


Gail Forrest "Animal bonds developed through training enhance the lives of both animals and the people who train them. anyone who has ever trained an animal, knows you can not make any animal do something they do not want to do - it is not cruel for an animal to perform, work or show."


Pat Martin "I think it's a good thing for children to see animals up close and personal and to see what good training will do. Both humans and animals benefit from their relationships and that should be seen and enjoyed by all."


Joan Krumm "Some people and some animals have unusual abilities that can be nurtured. It can be abused if an animal is subject to training an ability that is unnatural to that animal. When a natural tendency is developed for a particular animal it is truly beautiful."


Here is what dog breeders, handlers, and judges had to say is wrong with the sport of purebred dogs today and Why Dog Shows Are Failing... EST 2002 1907


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