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President Trump’s new leaders of the USDA, FDA, and EPA will be shocked to learn about the toxic cover-up in the food chain and its health impact on Americans.


February 2017

Nel Liquorman, Health & Nutrition Editor


For longer than a year, the FDA and USDA have been issuing new directives at a fast pace to cover the sins of the past but for many consumers, their actions are just too little and too late! The toxins and pass-through drugs are an enormous challenge. USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack left his job early, but maybe that is a good thing since (according to many organizations on Google) “As Iowa Governor, Tom Vilsack was a leading advocate for Monsanto, genetic engineering, and factory farming. President Obama proudly lauded his new Agriculture Secretary for "promoting biotech.


Here’s the worst part: Alliance between FDA, USDA, and State Agriculture Department members in the non-profit volunteer group known as the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) and the Volunteer Members from Industry (likely from Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Nutraceutical, Food Additive and Pet Food manufacturers) appear to be the heart of the problem! For decades toxins have pervaded our own food supply while we have been reporting on the pet food supply of nearly 80 million dogs and nearly 96 million cats in the USA.


Many of my sources define devastating problems for farmers and ranchers which started right after ii FDA approved Posilac (1993) and ractopamine (1999). The USDA did nothing to stop those growth hormone drugs or the many antibiotics needed to keep the animals alive after the effects of those drugs! ii Ractopamine also caused feed lot aggression in livestock{1}, including hogs that ate their farmer in 2012.   As pass-through drugs, they caused similar aggression in dogs, cats, and possibly human beings!


History offers an avalanche of proof that President Trump was on the money when he made the statement, “drug companies have been getting away with murder for years”!


Chicken and meat processors added to the contamination by using Nutraceuticals to kill microbes and extend sell-by dates. After getting sick from the meat, consumers were diagnosed with allergies because there was nothing on the food label to indicate that toxic plant extracts, which had been used as natural medication for centuries, were being used as antimicrobials in most of the chicken and meat supply, organic processors exempted.


When consumers caught on, marketing experts pitched training on “learning to write clean labels without changing ingredients”!


It gets worse. Rosemary Extract may be used in vitamin E mixtures as a preservative. The fact that Rosemary Extract will kill microbes, and extend sell-by dates is well known throughout the food industry, an industry that seems willing to dismiss the fact that many herbal extracts are natural drugs and not food. Until there are directives from the FDA or USDA, the food industry and pet food makers will not address these problems.


Already this year, I tested a cat food that had undergone a complete change. Reading the label, it seemed ideal with none of the plant extracts it had previously contained so I purchased the brand for the first time. Problems surfaced quickly for my two cats, as if the food contained Rosemary Extract. I am therefore sticking with the additive-free raw meat diet until I get some guarantees that the pet food chain is safe again.


Rosemary extract has been studied for the use in livestock feed and may already be in commercial feeds. It could be used in preserving barrels of seed oils, later bottled for consumers without Rosemary Extract listed on labels on the bottles. If industry will hide a toxic ingredient that they find useful in one food, they will do it in another. They have already proven that fact! Just look at all the things they have gotten away in the last 2 decades!


We must be alert for increasing use of hidden nutraceuticals in our food supply, due in part to chicken or other meat broths which could contain hidden Rosemary Extract. It is time for clean labels on both human food and pet food, with no hidden ingredients or mixtures that are not completely revealed to the consumer.


From the consumer's perspective, honesty in labeling will go a lot farther than catchy creativity. USA food safety agencies should insure that there are no no pass-through drugs or “Nutraceuticals” in the food we eat or in pet foods!  We urge you to read food labels every time you shop. In addition to ingredients, look for MADE IN USA. Let’s all do our best to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN and to insure a safe food supply.


Since President Trump makes it clear that he wants input from the people, we encourage readers to become part of a food safety movement by asking him to put an end to toxins in the food chain. Encourage Donald Trump to drain the swamp left behind by bad decision making at the FDA, USDA, and EPA!


{1} Feed-Lot Toxin Causes Aggression in pets and in people.

{2} Rosemary is a Neurotoxin and should not be in pet food.

{3} USDA Secretary Tom Vilsak unmasked and forced to leave office. EST 2002 © 1701



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