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Have you used Rimadyl, Deramaxx, heartworm prevention or other FDA approved drugs?  Do recalled Celebrex, Vioxx or COX2 inhibitors affect your dogs? 


2005 | TheDogPress

Barbara J. Andrews, Editor-In-Chief


Absolutely!  This is about protecting your dogs from deadly drugs and convincing you that there is significant risk in all prescription medications.


FDA approves every prescription medication you take.  Why you have reason to worry about dog medications...

See statistic provided as footnotes but first, think about this... Your TV screen is dominated by drug company commercials.  Some cleverly suck you in, masquerading as a news item or human interest sidebar; an elderly lady who is in pain and doesn’t know what to take, another woman who has a cardiovascular problem and who fearfully threw her Aleve away.  Turns out, they are mad at FDA for being slow to approve new prescription medications. 


Then there's the pitch for some new drug that will solve all problems.  No mention of how many Users have suffered fatal heart attacks, ulcers, kidney or liver damage etc.  Well, unless you count the 10 second monolog of possible side effects, delivered in a happy excited voice your brain subliminally catalogs as good news, or the droning, muted quick-speak we rarely comprehend.  If the pharmaceutical companies spent as much on researching product safety as they do on how NOT to deliver a comprehensible warning, we would be healthier.


Before internet, no one ever heard about pets dying from drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration.  In reality, the drug companies are currently the single largest income-producing category for television!  Previously it was booze, beer, and cigarettes.  Right.  You remember the wonderful Budweiser commercials with the Clydesdale horses or the Bull Terrier "party animal."  Banned.  Likewise those extra long Benson Hedges getting trapped by the elevator doors closing.  Gone.  The sobering fact is, we face something far more menacing than beer and the “tobacco debacle” in prescription medicine.


A good reporter looks at what is not said.  The FDA reports don't mention responsibility.  We're told instead that it takes years and many millions of dollars to gain approval and that's why new prescriptions cost so much.  We understand that the drug companies must recoup their investment at our expense. 


And they do.  So insurance companies raise their “premiums”  The government raises taxes on that dwindling part of the population that makes enough money to pay taxes to support those who don’t.  Part of the higher tax goes to fund the FDA, not to mention Medicare and social programs which pay for prescriptions.  And completing the circle of intrigue, we pay the drug companies who pay the (federal) Food And Drug Administration to approve their product.  By paying off, of course I mean legally. 


The same applies to veterinary medications because it's the way business is done and money is made.  But your dogs can't read so when it comes to vetmeds, you have to do it for them.  Take a few minutes to refresh your memory on the Rimadyl [1] lawsuit, Proheart {2} and Deramaxx lawsuits {3} and ask yourself why the FDA ever approved them.


Clinical and laboratory tests are easily flawed.  More to the point, those designed to hasten FDA approval of a multi-billion dollar product are often structured or conducted in such a way as to reach a pre-determined conclusion.  There may be reasons other than negligence and graft for the Food and Drug Administration's failure to protect human lives, but those are the most logical conclusions.  If anyone reading this needs proof of these statements, know this: JAMA (Journal Of The American Medical Assoc.) records show that Prescription Drugs are the 5th leading cause of human death. [4]


Money not only talks, it's a symphony of security for the pharmaceutical industry and corruptible FDA officials.  Sure FDA is protecting us, albeit after the fact.  Pharmaceutical products are being recalled because the drug companies are being sued because people are dying!  If the FDA scrutinized drug company, how could these drugs have come to market?


You know the answer.  Either FDA inadvertently slipped up, someone took bribes, or retaliation as in the stinky case of the FDA official who was criminally charged [2] and subjected to an FDA sting operation for determining ProHeart 6 heartworm preventive was unsafe.


Now extrapolate all of that to veterinary prescriptions.  Expensive?  Yes.  Needed?  Sometimes.  Profitable all the way down the line?  Yes.  Harmful to your pets?  Frequently.  In 1998 Rimadyl alone accounted for 39% of ALL adverse reactions reported to the FDA. How many dogs were only “injured” and how many complaints were generated before FDA finally said “take it off the market”?  Why was it ON the market?  How did it get there?


Let me leave you with this chilling thought.  If you are forced to trust pharmaceuticals because the natural supplements, homeopathic and herbal remedies that have survived centuries of “clinical trials” are also taken away, how will you treat yourself and your pets?  Think that can't happen?  Reacting to the hysteria over ephedra, Richard J. Durbin (D-IL) brought forth Senate Bill 722, cosponsored by Hillary Clinton (D-NY), Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Charles Schumer (D-NY), which provides the FDA with the unprecedented power to remove nutritional supplements from the market.  The FDA is empowered to act on a single adverse reaction report and immediately take the product off the market while it is being investigated. 


Quoting Dr. Julian Whittaker, world-renowned physician and medical watchdog, “The bill also gives the FDA license to require supplement manufacturers to submit safety information that would cost hundreds of millions of dollars, patterned on regulations required for new drugs. This is absurd. New drugs need rigorous safety testing because they are compounds that have never been ingested by human beings. The ubiquitous use and long history of safety of nutritional supplements is apparently irrelevant to the sponsors of this bill.”


If you won’t fight for yourself, do it for your animals.  You are their voice and you are all they have.  Do not rely on the FDA to protect them.  It can’t even protect YOU. 


* as of 1/3/05, Proheart 6 had 6042 reactions and 599 deaths 'possibly' related deaths reported to the FDA. Rimadyl had 12,516 reactions and 2,349 deaths possibly related. Deramaxx had 2371 reactions and deaths jumped from 75 to 515 possibly related.  For more information on adverse reactions, go to


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