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What is going on with America’s legislators? Is this about protecting animals or controlling people? Wake up to Animal Rights over Human Rights in 2022!


April 20, 2022

Barbara "BJ" Andrews, SAAB Member


Miguel Santiago (D-Los Angeles) introduced AB1881, a bill that would grant animals rights similar to those of America’s people. It is loosely referred to as “The Dog and Cat Bill of Rights”.



Does it sound like we’re back to the “Animal Rights Terrorists” {Ref #1} war of 1998? Is this really about animal welfare or is it just a political stunt to get attention?


It could be both, we can’t get inside Santiago’s mind so let’s take him at face value and be ashamed that the premise, cruelty to animals, is valid. Santiago points out some painful truths about human society.


One example is that people got pets during the pandemic but only used them to amuse themselves and then they “unloaded” them at the shelters.


Worse yet, TheDogPress has reports on “comfort pets” that were severely abused by emotionally stressed owners. Staff decided not to run those depressing examples but we can’t continue to ignore what appears to be a decline in “humanity.”


Santiago said "In a perfect world I wouldn’t necessarily do a bill that says you have to give clean water to your dog, have nutritious food, and, by the way, you have to walk them!


He is right in that there are unthinking humans who by any standard would be considered inhumane. So as absurd as it sounds, Santiago’s provision would guarantee pet animals the “right” to protection against “exploitation, cruelty, neglect, and abuse.


But wait! The Animal Protection Bill says it would assure animals a “life of comfort, free of fear and anxiety; preventive and therapeutic health care; and proper identification through tags, microchips, or other humane means.


That is where Santiago goes out in “left” field. In the Woke World, all things are possible but if you live in the real world, you realize there are practical problems. If a dog is fearful and living with anxiety, it may be the owner who needs treatment.



We are only a quarter of the way into a war-torn, upside down, depression-recession-2022. Dogs don’t know about that but they sense when YOU are troubled…


You woke up long ago to the fact that a lot of unscrupulous people are exploiting animals for personal gain. They call themselves “pet psychiatrists” but there’s no such thing. The problem is an owner who can’t cope with economic, health, or other stress factors and who needs an accredited trainer to help them manage an animal.


Indeed, it is time we all woke up Our country, customs, and leaders are under systemic attack by outside forces. Animal Protection bills are not news, this is just a new state variation on the Animal Welfare Act produced in 1966 under President Lyndon Johnson.


Most politicians mean well but they all have “handlers” who advise them on how to gain favorable attention. Santiago’s staff realized how much we humans love and depend on our animals for emotional support but they should have done their homework. Every state has animal cruelty laws. They just need to be enforced.


Enforce animal protection-animal cruelty laws that already exist!


That would be a novel, rarely used but welcome campaign platform! Even the most “woke” west coaster would thank him for recognizing how much animals contribute to human life.


Reference Information: {#1} Animal Rights Terrorists EST 2002 © Apr 2022



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